1st Oct 2020 @ 9:44 am


October in Lanzarote always feels like the secret end to summer. Whilst many people in the UK and Europe are hunkering down for autumn, we are lucky to still have around eight hours of sunshine a day. This was certainly the case last year as we started the month with plenty of blue skies and just a few wispy clouds. Temperature-wise we were above average with highs of 28 and lows of 20. The final week of the month we saw a change, with a little rainfall and clouds rolling in.

I am hoping to see more holidaymakers return in October and maybe the half term will prove to be popular, although at the time of writing the quarantine restrictions are still in place and there is no air bridge established. Of course, following the clock change sunrise times are much the same as the UK, but our sunsets are about an hour and a half later at just after 6pm meaning the days certainly feel longer.

To take full advantage of this I encourage you to discover a new beach and sit and watch the sunset there – with over 100 beaches on the island there will be one you have not yet seen; be it black sand at Quemada, golden sand at Famara or even the sandless coves of Los Charcones.

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