Fishing boat runs aground

A fishing boat ran aground at the harbour in Puerto del Carmen in the early hours of Friday morning.

New species at Puerto del Carmen

A new species of sea slug has been discovered in Puerto del Carmen.

Female diver rescued at Playa Chica

Lifeguards rescued a 50-year-old diver from drowning at Playa Chica yesterday.

Guardia Civil arrest 31-year-old in connection to fire

A 31-year-old man has been arrested in Puerto del Carmen by the Guardia Civil as the alleged perpetrator of a fire and theft.

Bus driver attacked in Puerto del Carmen

A local bus driver was attacked last Friday at the bus stop on Calle Reina Sofia in Puerto del Carmen, at the same stop where a previous assault on a bus driver had occurred a few months ago.

House fire in Puerto del Carmen

The emergency services were called to a house fire on Calle Bocaína in the early hours of this morning.

Sea pickles at Playa Chica

A large colony of pyrosomes has been reported at Playa Chcia in Puerto del Carmen. The jelly-like organisms are harmless to humans.

Cannabis club arrest in Puerto del Carmen

Three people involved in a cannabis shop in Puerto del Carmen have been arrested by the Guardia Civil as they were selling marijuana and targeting tourists.

St. Patrick’s Day photographed

Tías Ayuntamiento have uploaded photos from the recent St. Patrick’s Day parade in Puerto del Carmen, check out the picture of the Tías Mayor pouring himself a pint of Guinness!

St. Patrick’s Day in Puerto del Carmen

The biggest irish event on the island is about to kick off in Puerto del Carmen, as the resort prepares for its St Patrick's celebrations today.