Tías to study whether it is a housing “stressed zone”

Tías has called on the Canarian Government to undertake a study to ascertain whether the municipality is a “stressed zone” in terms of housing.

Tias seeks local opinions

Tias Ayuntamiento has launched an online survey that any citizen can participate in, to develop a route-map for the municipality over the best years.

47-year-old man dies in a car crash in Tías

A 47-year-old man died this morning after his car left the LZ-2 main road in the municipality of Tías.

Brown bins for Tías

Tías Ayuntamiento will start to install brown rubbish containers for organic waste in April, it has announced.

Las Grietas parking closed

Tías Ayuntamiento has excavated a ditch between the LZ-35 and the unofficial parking area opposite Las Grietas, in order to halt the traffic problems and safety risks in the area.

Las Grietas safety study

Tías Mayor José Juan Cruz has announced that a study will be carried out into safety at Las Grietas before action is taken to protect the zone from tourism.

Filming crew removed from Las Grietas

A film crew appeared at the parking near Las Grietas yesterday, without permission to film at the site.

Fire station at Tías expected to open by summer

Works on the island's third fire station, located in Tías, are going well and the centre is expected to open by summer.

Parking fines handed out off of the LZ-35

The Guardia Civil have started handing out fines to people who park just off of the LZ-35 opposite Las Grietas.

Puerto del Carmen dual carriageway plans

The Canarian Government has displayed its plans to convert the LZ-40 road into a dual carriageway.