Yaiza switches the lights on

The Yaiza Ayuntamiento have confirmed when the Christmas decorations will be turned on in the municipality.

Yaiza Christmas Market Stalls

The Yaiza Ayuntamiento have announced the call for applications for this year’s Christmas Market Stalls.

Macher roundabout opens

The new roundabout on the hilltop in Macher was opened yesterday, putting an end to over a week of time-consuming detours.

PP denounce rubbish collection

Members of the Partido Popular part in Yaiza have denounced the “deficient” rubbish collection services in the municipality, drawing particular attention to Playa Blanca.

Cyclist hit in car accident

A cyclist has been seriously injured after being hit by a car in the Yaiza municipality.

Rescue at Los Charcones

An emergency helicopter rescued a 31-year-old man from the sea off the coast of Los Charcones yesterday.

Yaiza taxi fares to rise

Yaiza's distinctive red taxis will raise their fares for the first time in six years after the Ayuntamiento approved the measure yesterday.

Uga market enjoyed by all

Visitors enjoyed the Uga market last weekend, which returned after 2 years of postponements. Check out some pictures from the market.

A weekend of activities

The Yaiza Ayuntamiento will host a wide variety of events in the municipality this weekend.

Uga Market returns

The market at Uga will finally re-open this weekend.