Femes road in focus

The Cabildo's councillor for Public Works, Alfredo Mendoza, admitted that the LZ -702 road leading up to Femes is “difficult and very old”, after an incident in which a car flipped over on the notorious hairpin bends.

Yaiza Ayuntamiento removes pylons

Yaiza Ayuntamiento have removed the remaining pylons in the village of Yaiza as part of their plan to remove structures that damage the appearance of the municipality.

Father’s Day campaign

Yaiza Ayuntamiento launched a Father’s Day commercial campaign last Saturday, promoting local business in Playa Blanca with a photo competition and a chance to win a day trip to Rancho Texas Zoo.

Yaiza tops house price rise list

Property prices have risen by more than 23% in the municipality of Yaiza in the last year, according to Lanzarote's Statistics Centre.

Statue unveiled in Femes

A statue of the legendary Mararía was unveiled yesterday on the viewpoint at Femes. The sculpture of the fictional local beauty was created by Cintia Machín to honour the centenary of novelist Rafael Arozarena, whose novel Mararía immortalised Femes in print and, later, on film.

Three injured in accident involving several cars

Yesterday evening, the emergency services were called to an accident that had occurred on the LZ-2 near Yaiza involving several vehicles which injured three people.

Bus station improvements

Yaiza Ayuntamiento and the Cabildo have agreed to execute a series of improvements to Playa Blanca’s bus station with a budget of 140,000 euros.

Two new playgrounds put out to tender

Yaiza Ayuntamiento have put out to tender the installation of two new playgrounds in Femés and Uga, with a budget of €905,000.

Big bang theories

The loud bang that was heard in Playa Blanca at 3.30pm on Friday has still not been fully explained by authorities.

Mystery quake in Playa Blanca

The origin of a loud tremor in Playa Blanca yesterday afternoon has still not been confirmed.