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The Raven

For Halloween, we thought we’d share this letter we received recently from an anonymous reader. Are you sitting comfortably?

Tests for tourists

The Canarian Government today published its law requiring tourists to provide proof of a negative test result upon arrival at their accommodation.

Hotel testing “not the perfect solution”

The Canarian Government is drawing up a law that will make certification of a negative Covid test in the previous 72 hours a condition for any tourist staying in holiday accommodation on the Canary Islands. Although the date for the law to come into effect has not yet been announced, the Canarian Tourist Councillor Yaiza Castilla has said it will be “very soon” .

Imported cases are not the problem

Manuel Muñiz, the secretary of state of Global Spain, has finally explained the Spanish government’s reasons for their refusal to permit airport facilities to be used for testing.

Witching Hour

Halloween offers the opportunity to dress up a bit and let out your inner demon, but even in Spain and Lanzarote, spooky, striking looks have increasingly become more mainstream, and can be worn all year round.

Love and loss

This month Lanzarote vet Jane Burke offers a deeply-moving personal recollection of the loss of beloved animal companions, and reflects on how important it is to understand grief. There was plenty of drama both times my terrapin died. My grandmother was house-sitting whilst we holidayed on Prestatyn, and buried my little friend in our absence. […]

Don’t stop the music

Camille Tardieu, aka Camy Myles, is already an essential element of Lanzarote’s music scene. Her strong, positive aitude, terric voice and magnetic stage presence have already made her known to countless tourists & locals alike. Like all performers here, she’s had her ups and downs during the pandemic, too.