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Hot dogs & Cool cats

Lanzarote’s hotter than ever, and your animals feel the heat just as much as you do. Here’s how to help them through August. This year we’ve already had a handful of calimas and yellow alerts for heat. It comes with the territory, of course – Lanzarote is a sub-tropical island a hundred miles off the […]

Dear Grandchildren….

Spain’s Association of Grandparents has issued an emotional open letter to the country’s grandchildren, in an attempt to raise consciousness about the risks of coronavirus. Abuespa, the Spanish Association of Grandfathers and Grandmothers, recently issued the letter which has gone viral. “Dear grandchildren,” it begins, “Apologies for addressing you as grandchildren even though you aren’t […]

Weather Watch August

August is usually the busiest month here and whilst it has been lovely to see a few more people in the tourist resorts, we are nowhere near the usual visitor numbers. Those that are lucky enough to arrive this month can expect sunshine – and lots of it! – as well as high temperatures, very […]

King Juan Carlos forced to leave Spain

King Juan Carlos I has announced that he will leave Spain to live in exile. In a letter to his son, the ruling monarch King Felipe VI, Juan Carlos said he had made the decision to leave the Zarzuela Palace and move abroad because of the controversy caused by “certain incidents in the past”, and […]

Police to crack down on gatherings

The Canarian Government will make a decision on mask use later today, but prior indications seem to show that the islands will not follow the rest of Spain and make mask-wearing compulsory indoors and outdoors. However, the government has already pledged to crack down on the informal gatherings that have become the source of several of […]

Playoff excitement on El Hierro

The season for the Rojillos is well and truly over; however, the top four teams in their league battled it out on El Hierro with one side being promoted to Spain’s Bronze league, Segunda B. First published in Gazette Life, August 1st 2020. Normally, each of the top four sides would be drawn separately against […]

Testing, Testing

Spain’s health service still restricts Covid-19 tests to sufferers, suspected contacts, health workers and those about to undergo surgery. If you want to find out if you’ve had the virus, you’ll have to go private. Even before lockdown started, our sales rep Beverley Farley hadn’t been feeling 100% for a while. But a couple of […]

“Projects that create jobs will be vital”

At the age of 32, Jacobo Medina is one of the youngest and most visible politicians on Lanzarote, who became the secretary general of the PP party on Lanzarote last year and currently holds the vice-presidency of the island’s Cabildo after the agreement with the Socialists which ousted the Coalicion Canaria from power last year. […]

Octopus & Potato Salad

A hugely satisfying Italian recipe that’s perfect for a scorching August day. The only important thing is that the ingredients are of the highest quality. Ingredients: – 1 kg octopus – 1 carrot (chopped) – 1 stalk celery (chopped) – 1/2 onion – 2 bayleaves – Three medium potatoes (espunta are a good variety for […]

Canaries continue to perform well

The Canary Islands continue to perform well in the battle against coronavirus, while the month of July saw the amount of new cases in Spain increase by four times. Spain ended its state of alarm on June 21st, entering a “new normality” in which the country would have to learn to live alongside the virus. […]