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Lockdown fines to be refunded

The Spanish government will annul and refund all fines that were issued during last year’s lockdown, after Spain’s Constitutional Court ruled that the “stay at home” measures that were introduced were illegal.

Fire Islands

This month marks the 50th birthday of the youngest volcano on the Canaries (written before the recent eruption in La Palma). Teneguía, on the southern tip of La Palma, was formed by an eruption that started on the 26th October 1971.

The Mystery of the A-Team

The widely-publicised drone rescue of four dogs from buildings trapped between two lava flows in Todoque, La Palma, has been abandoned after the dogs disappeared, apparently removed by a group of unknown rescuers who call themselves “the A-Team”.

Patience & Foresight

Living on a tourist island means that both locals and visitors are expected to accommodate to each other every day. The key is patience, but a little more foresight from the authorities would also come in handy – especially now that they’ve had 18 months to think about it.

Tias tackles underage drinkers

Tías Ayuntamiento has voted unanimously to increase the presence of local police at nightlife zones in Puerto del Carmen, following increasing instances of underage drinking and unruly behaviour.

Lauren Osadci

In a new series we’ll be talking to gardeners on Lanzarote, finding out how they deal with the unique conditions on this island and sharing some favourite tips and favourite plants.

Go, Kennedy!

15-year-old Kennedy Denby from Costa Teguise has had an astonishing swimming season, flashing through the water, shattering records and winning gold medals galore as she swims her way into the top rankings in Spain. Her year is one of the most promising sporting stories on Lanzarote, so we thought we’d let her tell it: