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Desert discovery

Desertwatch are offering free excursions into Lanzarote’s El Jable region until the end of May.

Run ashore

A 15-metre sailing boat ran ashore in rough seas yesterday in Puerto del Carmen.


Climbing Caldera Blanca

Caldera Blanca is one of the must-see volcanoes on Lanzarote – a huge crater that is at its best in the winter months. Tour guide David Penney takes his group on a short cut to the summit.

La Santa skatepark

The Tinajo Ayuntamiento have put out to tender the project to build a skatepark in La Santa, with a budget of just under 200,000 euros.


Skater Boy

The surfers at La Santa and Famara aren’t the only board riders on Lanzarote. The island also has a long-standing passion for skateboarding, with several skate parks dotted around the island. And one of the brightest hopes for Lanzarote skating is 11-year-old Kayden Hewson Cantoni, from Güime.

Yaiza February Events

The Yaiza Ayuntamiento have just published their monthly events calendar. Here’s what you can expect to see this month:

Bus company to expand staff and fleet

The CCOO trade union have announced that Arrecife Bus/Intercity Bus will be expanding their staff and the fleet of vehicles in the near future to accommodate the rise in usage and address the lack of staff issue.

Costa Teguise sports centre planned

Teguise Mayor Oswaldo Betancort yesterday announced that an 8,000 square metre sports centre will be constructed next to the recently-opened football pitch in Costa Teguise

Green comet visible

Comet C/2022/E3 will be at its most visible tonight, and anyone in a dark place without light contamination should be able to see a phenomena that will not be repeated for another 50,000 years.