Covid-19 Daily Report & Figures

Daily updated Covid-19 figures. Updated: 16/10/2021 at 17:09pm.

Arrecife Three Kings parade announced

Arrecife Ayuntamiento has confirmed that its Three Kings Parade on the 5th January will go ahead as normal, Covid permitting, and has appealed for bids for the €75,000 contract for the event.

Sulphur: illegal and ineffective

A resident in Playa Honda who laid sulphur outside their home in order to deter dogs from peeing there has been identified by local police.

UK test requirements relaxed

The UK government has announced that, from the 24th October, fully-vaccinated travellers returning to England from non-red listed countries (which include Spain), will no longer have to take a Day 2 PCR test and can instead take a cheaper lateral flow test on or before Day 2 after their return.

Get your masks on! Carnival is back!

Arrecife Ayuntamiento has announced plans to hold the first carnival that the island has seen for three years next February, in an event that it hopes will be “the same as before the pandemic.”

Continued Covid improvement

The Canaries and Lanzarote continue to improve their Covid figures, and have suffered a far lower percentage of cases than Spain as a whole since the pandemic began last year.

Sewage scandal

The pool of raw sewage that has caused an appalling stench in Argana Alta in Arrecife for over a week has finally been cleared up, but the smell lingers.

Volcano update

The new lava flow from the volcano at Cabeza de Vaca on La Palma is placing around 100 buildings at risk.

Tias to bring in scooter law “shortly”

Tias Ayuntamiento will “shortly” introduce new rules that will regulate the use of electric scooters in the municipality, and especially Puerto del Carmen.

Covid rules relaxed (slightly)

With the Canaries now on low-risk status for Covid infections, the regional government has relaxed the rules on the maximum capacity of outdoor gatherings. Outdoor spaces will now be permitted to operate at 100% capacity and indoor gatherings at 80%, for all islands on Levels 1 and 2.