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Get up and party!
I’m no early bird. For me the small hours before dawn are a place I hardly ever visit, a foreign country where milkmen, bakers and nurses live. I much prefer exploring the Land of Nod, repeatedly banging the snooze button on my alarm and emerging at a civilised hour. But I make an exception at this time of year. Jumping out of bed early is the perfect strategy on Lanzarote in August. It means you can enjoy so much more of the island before the rest of the world turns up. Not only is the weather cooler, but the sand on the beaches is smooth and unspoiled, and you can get a real feeling of solitude. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy crowded beaches, too – but there’s a special magic about being the only person on a deserted strand. Early risers also feel like they’ve earned their lunch, and that meal is likely to be a real treat this month, with fresh fruit and fish at their seasonal best


everywhere, and bars and restaurants buzzing. Later, maybe, you can catch up on the sleep you lost in the morning by taking a siesta while the sun scorches outside, leaving you refreshed and recharged for the evening. And an evening in August is often likely to be eventful and last until the small hours, as the island parties at various local fiestas.
If you’re looking for entertainment, then just turn to the middle of this magazine. It’s our pleasure to welcome Julie Helliwell to the magazine, and as a working musician Julie’s perfect to give us the lowdown on what’s happening around the island.
As always there’ll be much more going on – even a monthly magazine like this one can’t keep up with all the events – but do keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.
This is high season – the month when Lanzarote moves into a higher gear and does what it does best – whether that’s feeding happy families or dancing until dawn. It’s a month to savour and enjoy, so get up and go for it!

Enjoy the mag.

The Editor

Gazette Life August 2019

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