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An Ocean Of Experiences
Canary Islands Day takes place on the 30th of this month, a day of celebration and relaxation after what promises to be a hectic month of sport, music, and political activity. It’s the perfect way to end the month, but there’s never a bad time to celebrate the Canary Islands. I’ve visited seven out of eight of the Canaries now, and each one has left enduring memories
Lanzarote was the first, and after almost 20 years of calling it home, I’m still discovering new corners, new faces, new facts and living a love affair. Then there’s Fuerteventura, with talcum powder beaches, a rural heartland where time seems to stand still and an atmosphere so laid-back that you feel relaxed as soon as you step off the ferry. Las Palmas in Gran Canaria is, I think, one of most spectacular cities in Europe, while Tenerife is a gorgeous paradox – an island of lush tropical beauty overlooked by a snow-topped volcano.


In contrast is the tiny eighth island of La Graciosa – wild, charming and unspoilt. La Gomera is a crumbling volcano with a stunning, mossy forest full of fairytale scenes at its heart, and then there’s La Palma, where banana plantations tumble down to the sea and gleaming spherical telescopes guard the crags of the most immense, breathtaking vista on all of the islands.

It’s only once you visit these islands that you realise how astonishingly different and varied they are, but you also notice the threads that tie them all together – the lilting accents, the fresh fish and mojo sauce on your plate, the beefy lads strolling to the wrestling ring, old men in long trousers and colourful shirts watching the world go by over a coffee, the sound of guitars and timples and the ever-present ocean on the horizon.

That word, “Ocean”, is the Canarian motto, almost certainly one of the shortest and simplest in the world but also one of the most expressive. Like the ocean, these islands contain astounding beauty and mystery and like the ocean, they all flow together as one.

Enjoy the mag.

The Editor

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