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Editor’s Letter


A couple of weeks ago I was on a cliff watching brilliant white waves crash onto a black sand beach researching one of Lanzarote’s finest walks for next month’s magazine. Now, the only walk I’ve been on recently is a 50-metre stroll to the bins that I managed to stretch out for 10 minutes.

We’ve closed our new office in Tias for the foreseeable future and we’re all learning fascinating things, such as the fact that working from home in Lanzarote means you don’t actually have to get dressed at all. We’re still on the job, though, so if you have any questions whatsoever for us, just email or call us (just warn us before you Facetime).

Recently the news has come thick and fast, and there’ll be much more to come, but right now it’s fair to say that Lanzarote has been spared the worst.

The crisis has revealed unexpected heroes – shelf stackers, food delivery guys, hotel staff, tour reps and scores of normal, everyday people who’ve shown patience, compassion and understanding; as well as more expected ones such as health workers and the security forces.

But it’s also made us think of those who can’t afford to relax. Parents stuck at home with restless kids, elderly people on their own, tenants who don’t where they’ll find the rent, thousands of workers who’ve been sacked or laid off temporarily.

From now on we’ll be posting an update of recent developments in the coronavirus crisis each morning, with further news if it’s really important.

We’ve started to live stream Lanzarote entertainers on our Facebook page, and we’ll also be posting videos, allowing you to enjoy some of this island’s brilliant pool of talent absolutely free. If you want to take part, contact us on

Everyone in Spain are going to be spending a lot more time indoors, so maybe it’s time to get creative. We’d like to publish your writing – poetry, stories, anecdotes, rants, tributes, thoughts – anything will be considered. Try and keep things shortish – 600 words is a good maximum – then send them to me at I’ll lick ’em into shape and get them up.

Shaun Addison, Editor.