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Editor’s Letter

Christmas comes early at this magazine. This festive issue goes to print in late November, before we put the decorations up, before Mariah Carey and Feliz Navidad start playing everywhere, and before I’ve even had a whiff of a mince pie. But we’re already in Christmas mood, so it’s time to raise a glass and address the assembled company. It’s been an eventful year. We’ve lost some good amigos forever; we’ve waved goodbye to close friends and colleagues, and our minds are still very much with loved ones across the seas. Christmas means nothing unless we honour those links and bonds, and address the sadness that loss and distance can bring.

But, like every year, we’ve also enjoyed the help and support of all sorts of friends, old and new. This summer, for example, we welcomed young Shay Rourke for a month – it was work experience for him and a memorable, fun experience for us; while Julie Helliwell has offered some invaluable assistance with this month’s magazine.


Then there are our regular contributors – Jane Burke, whose moving, powerful articles are always a highlight; Ian Lane and David Smith, who handle football and cricket, and Christian, who keeps us up to scratch on the island’s events. We’ve welcomed new staff members – Bev from Blackpool, who’ll already be familiar to many of our clients, and a crazy Dutch girl with a camera called Sabrina – and there’s a perfectly-designed baby on the way in the New Year, too.

Then there are the scores of people who pop into the office, call or email us with ideas, stories, information, complaints, praise and good wishes – the type of daily traffic that makes a magazine like this work. Our door’s always open, and we’re always ready to listen.

A free magazine also relies on advertisers, and we’d like to thank all those clients who’ve put their faith in us. Whether you’re a man with a van, a bar or restaurant, an estate agent or one of the local councils, it’s your confidence we rely on and your expectations we strive to fulfil.

Finally, there’s you – the reader. We don’t know who you are, but you’re the reason we exist. We’d like to thank you and everybody else we’ve mentioned above, and wish you all a happy Christmas and a healthy and wealthy New Year.

The Editor

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