November 2015

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A Welcome for All

From our window here at the Gazette Life offices we can see the whole of Puerto del Carmen’s Old Town harbour stretched out beneath us. Every day, little boats chug out to sea: fishing boats, inflatables, leisure dinghies, the water taxi to Puerto Calero – and every day they return.

Returning is something that happens a lot in Lanzarote’s biggest and oldest resort. Statistics consistently show that the tourists who choose to holiday here are deeply loyal, coming back year after year. Even the locals who were brought up here and left the island to study, work or just discover the world seem to feel a deep-seated urge to come home.

And that’s no surprise. It’s not just the sun and sand that attracts people to this island – you can get that anywhere in southern Europe. It’s not just the calm, eternal ocean horizon and blue skies that have become the background for a million holidays and thousands of brand new lives. It’s not even the shops, bars, restaurants, sports event, music, and endless hum


of activity that makes summer such an exciting time. It’s the people. The locals who’ve welcomed wave upon wave of visitors, the newer arrivals who have brought their own ideas, and the tourists themselves, who all seem to be determined to have the best possible time they can while they’re here.
Take a walk in Puerto Del Carmen, Puerto Calero, Playa Blanca or Costa Teguise at around sunset on any day this summer, and you’ll find an atmosphere that’s unforgettable. Those of us who live here may have forgotten the sheer excitement and thrill of being in a foreign country, but you can feel it in the air everywhere in the resorts. It’s a blend of curiosity, adventure and a serious determination to relax and have fun.

As you read this, thousands of people are eagerly awaiting the moment they set foot on this island; thousands of kids are about to have one of the most unforgettable experiences of their lives. There’ll be fun, laughter, romance, discovery and pleasure, and there’ll be a welcome for everybody.

Enjoy the mag.

The Editor

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