November 2015

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Editor’s Letter

This time of year is always quieter than usual on Lanzarote. With Christmas over and done with there’s a month or two of calm – a sense of settling down and getting back to normal.
It’s a time of sunshowers and rainbows, when birdsong can be heard everywhere. The seas swarm with immense shoals of tiny fish, and the countryside briefly dresses up in green and adorns itself with delicate, beautiful wildflowers. There’s no better time to pull on a pair of walking boots, get off the beaten track and discover the natural beauty that inspired César Manrique.

In the resorts it’s also a little more relaxed outside of high season. There’s room to move, no sense of urgency. and an agreeable, laid-back feel. There are still things going on, of course – football matches, concerts, a fiesta or two – but it’s all a little more subdued than usual. There’s no hurry, no rush.


But at the same time there’s also a thrilling undercurrent of mounting anticipation; the sure knowledge that something big is about to happen. This year it’s little later than usual, but carnival will still explode onto the streets in March, with all its madness, laughter, music, rhythm and colour. Carnival isn’t the only big event heading down the track this year, either. We’ll also see the frantic activity of local elections in May, with public meetings, debates and an island plastered with advertising; and before that there’s the Brexit deadline on March 29th, which is being watched carefully by everyone on the island – not just the British. And once all that’s out of the way, there’ll be another hectic, scorching, crowded summer of buzzing resorts and rural fiestas.

So let’s enjoy February, a month when we celebrate love and intimacy and a time that allows us to pause, take a deep breath, enjoy the scenery and fully charge our batteries for the wild ride to come.

Enjoy the mag.

The Editor

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