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What makes life worth living
This month we had an evening out at Uga’s new Canarian wrestling ring. It was a great night out, with sand flying and some spectacular moves in the ring; but what impressed me just as much was what happened outside the ring. We were given the warmest of welcomes by the club’s President Emilio, and then watched the concrete seats fill up with scores of locals. Many were family and friends of the wrestlers, and as the night went on they became more and more vocal in their support. At one point, a victorious wrestler went to the crowd where spectators threw coins and notes to him – the only payment he’ll receive for his mighty efforts. Sport is something this island does brilliantly. If you’ve ever seen how lively and exciting a game of Canarian bowls can get as the sun sets, or watched nine-year old girls and boys playing a game of football with all the


concentration and drama of a cup final, you’ll know what I’m talking about. And it’s not only sport. Recently I watched two children sitting in Arrecife square and carefully, brilliantly plucking out a version of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean on their little timples. It was mesmerising, and done for the sheer joy of it. Elsewhere, the island has seen dozens of fantastic concerts already this year, and the summer fiesta season is certain to bring more sounds, rhythms and great nights out. Of course we don’t need sport or music. We can exist perfectly well without them; but who wants to simply exist? These are the things that make life worth living, that thrill us, that make us jump up from our seats, shout and dance with joy. And Lanzarote does this as well as anywhere. As we head into a glorious summer, I’d just like to add that, while we’ve had a couple of setbacks at Gazette Life recently, we’re now stronger than ever, still doing what we do best. Whatever you want from us, just get in touch – we’re here for you.

Enjoy the mag.

The Editor

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