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Lanzarote takes a breather

September means back to work and back to school for thousands of people on Lanzarote, but instead of sadness, you find that there’s usually a sense of relief about the return to, normality. In fact, in September you realise just how much hard work the holidays can be. Finally, it’s possible to find a parking place near the beach; to get a decent table in your favourite bar or restaurant; to drive past Timanfaya without getting held up in long queues of vehicles. The whole island seems to take a deep breath, stretch out and relax.

There will still be plenty of visitors, of course. The “swallows” who summer in the north will start returning for the mild winter months, and there are plenty of holidaymakers who think that the month of September is one of the finest times to come to the island. And they’re right. Lanzarote doesn’t have much in the way of seasonal contrasts, but you can still feel something


like autumn in the air – it’s a golden time, when the weather is still glorious but a little kinder, more welcoming and forgiving; a time when shops and dining tables are full of the harvest of the fields.

That harvest begins early on Lanzarote, and in this issue we take a look at how this summer’s bumper grape crop was brought in once again amid the astonishing landscapes of La Geria. We also look forward to the Romería de los Dolores on the 15th, which for many signifies the real finale of Lanzarote’s long, festive summer.
So while it’s back to normality for schoolchildren, teachers, politicians, footballers and many more, on Lanzarote you can guarantee that nothing is ever routine. This is an island where it’s possible to be surprised and delighted every single day – all you have to do it walk out of the front door and open your eyes.

Enjoy the mag.

The Editor

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