November 2015

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Tourism has changed a lot on Lanzarote in 50 years. Last month, Doña Enriqueta Romero told me how she had to put out the fire which she was toasting maize on when tourists arrived at La Graciosa’s harbour. She’d then saddle up a camel and guide them across the sandy interior of the island to the beautiful Playa de la Concha. She didn’t know a word of German or English, but she did know her island, and that knowledge proved far more profitable than toasting and grinding gofio (see page 20). Elsewhere, in the volcanic badlands of Lanzarote, it’s not difficult to find caves and jameos that have never been developed: Exploring these wild places is fascinating and exciting, but it also highlights how much work and imagination went into the development of spectacular places such as the Cueva de los Verdes or Jameos del Agua. Nowhere else on the Canaries, in Spain, or even in Europe has anything like this. A record 7 million visitors came to Lanzarote last year, and this year promises to be even busier, but it’s still easy to discover the island’s natural beauty and its local traditions, and doing so is a pleasure that can rapidly turn into a passion.


If I were to recommend any New Year’s resolution to Gazette Life readers, it would be to get out there and discover this island, connect with local culture, and make more of an effort to appreciate the astonishing place we’re lucky enough to find ourselves in. My year started in the desert of Soo, watching an elusive Hubara bustard blending effortlessly into its background; and ended taking coffee with an old woman who was a living history book. In between I’ve climbed volcanoes, dived beneath the waves, enjoyed amazing music and dance performances, stood in total darkness in an underground cavern and met hundreds of fascinating people with their stories to tell. It’s been a blast. All of us at Gazette Life wish you a happy, prosperous and, above all, rewarding New Year.

Enjoy the mag.

The Editor

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