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Editor’s Letter


It now seems certain that Brexit is going to happen at the end of this month. At this magazine we’ve never pushed the wild scare stories of Brits being expelled or refused health care, but we’ve always been clear that, whatever good may come of Brexit, it probably won’t come here.

Nevertheless, last March I attended a conference at the Lanzarote Chamber of Commerce at which politicians and professionals from the business, tourism, aviation and customs sectors addressed Brexit. It was clear that these islands are well prepared for any outcome, and even clearer that they wished to keep trading with one of their oldest and most respected friends.

For 50 years, millions of Britons have been coming here, and many of them have liked it so much they’ve stayed. This island is full of mixed families and bilingual kids who love Barcelona as much as Burnley and there’s a long history of integration here. Brexit won’t change that. We’ll never leave Europe because Europe is our home, our heritage and our future.

Here at the Gazette we’re also facing some exciting changes, and the first one will be a move of office. Time to say goodbye to Montaña Tropical and head up the hill back to Tías, where we might stop looking at the sea and get a bit more work done. We’re there now with a new address and telephone number (see footer). Email, website, Facebook and other addresses remain unchanged. Apart from that we’ll be doing what we do best, bringing you news, features and information and a showcase for your business.

A happy New Year to all our clients, contributors and, above all, our readers.

Enjoy the mag – The Editor


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