Call to control buggies and quads in Haría

A political party in Haría has called for buggies and quads to be controlled within the municipality.

Haría reopens bathing at Punta Mujeres

Haría Ayuntamiento have reopened bathing at Punta Mujeres after a sewage spill was detected last week.

Haria’s iconic photographer dies

Javier Reyes Acuña, the photographer who captured post-war Haría and La Graciosa for posterity, has died at the age of 97.

Haría stops swimming at Punta Mujeres after sewage spill

Haría Ayuntamiento have announced the temporary closure of the coastline of Punta Mujeres after another sewage spill.

Haría reopen natural pools at Punta Mujeres

Haría Ayuntamiento have reopened the natural pool at Punta Mujeres after the last water analysis came back negative for traces of sewage.

Sewage spillage at Punta Mujeres

Haría Ayuntamiento announced the closure of the rock pools at Punta Mujeres yesterday after sewage spilled into them.

Haría reminds dog owners of their responsibilities

Haría Ayuntamiento continues with its public awareness campaign to promote responsible behaviour among dog owners in the municipality under the title “your dog, your responsibility.”.

Haría ready for carnival

Haría has launched its carnival poster for 2024. The theme of the parades will be Mexico.

MalabHaría 2024 programme

Lanzarote’s international circus festival is back for another edition in January 2024. It’s a fantastic event with stunning performances from some of the best in the business. Here is the full MalabHaría programme.

Haría Market Renovation

Haría Ayuntamiento has earmarked €580,000 for the renovation and extension of the town's Municipal Market.