Heritage hotels

Two “boutique” hotels in Haria have been granted “Emblematic Hotel” status by the Cabildo.

Fire in Arrieta

Emergency services were alerted to a fire at the Punto Limpo de Arrieta in the early hours of this morning.

Hiker falls

A 62-year-old hiker was rescued yesterday after suffering a fall on the Volcán de la Corona in Haría.

Woman freed from car

Firemen freed a woman whose car left the road in Haría yesterday.

Death on the Valle de Malpaso

A man died last night when his car overturned while driving on the hairpin bends on the Valle de Malpaso near Haría.

The Witch of Haría

Lanzarote has a history of witchcraft, but it has little to do with black cats and broomsticks. Instead, the sad case of Lucía de Cabrera highlights a superstitious and fearful past.

Javier Reyes honoured

95-year-old photographer Javier Reyes will be honoured as a Favoured Son of Haría later this year.

Injured hiker rescued

Yesterday, a hiker had to be airlifted to hospital after suffering an injury on the Camino de los Gracioseros.

Woman injured in car accident

A 43-year-old woman has been injured after a car accident on the LZ-1.