Covid-19 Daily Report & Figures

Daily updated Covid-19 figures. Updated: 11/04/2021 at 15:47pm.

“Everything remains the same apart from the curfew”

Canarians are now free to leave their homes at any time of day, after the Canarian Supreme Court yesterday issued a sharp reminder to the Canarian Government that its earlier ruling, declaring the curfew illegal, was current law.

Spain awaits Canarian curfew appeal result

The Canarian Supreme Court (TSJC) has rejected the Canarian Government’s application to maintain the curfew measures that have been in operation during the State of Alarm, and has also ruled that limiting travel between the islands at Levels 3 and 4 is legal.

Sunday News Roundup

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Gym outbreak causes spike on Lanzarote

A large Covid outbreak stemming from a gym in Arrecife has caused a spike in active cases on Lanzarote, although the island still remains well within Level 2 status.

Canaries on amber

The Canaries failed to qualify for the UK government’s green list of destinations for quarantine-free travel, which Transport Minister Grant Shapps announced yesterday.

No change

The Canarian Government has announced that it will continue all the restrictions that are currently in place, despite the expiry of Spain’s State of Alarm on Sunday.

Vaccine progress

The Canaries is fast approaching the landmark of having given half a million people at least one dose of Covid vaccine.

Is Lanzarote ready for Level 1?

Tomorrow will see the Canarian Government's weekly assessment of the Covid restriction levels for the various islands, and currently Lanzarote fulfils the requirements for entry into Level 1.

Madrid goes to the polls

Madrid votes today in an regional election that is likely to mark out Spain's future.