26th Nov 2021 @ 2:33 pm

Pérez urges that the immigrant camp be dismantled due to flooding that had been caused by the recent rains.

Photo: PP Lanzarote.

The Mayor has called for action to be made at the temporary immigrant camp in Arrecife, near the Police Station. The recent rains have flooded the tents and grounds.

In October the Urban Planning Councilor, Eduardo Placeres, in a document stated “the facilities are not the most suitable, because of the risks that may occur.”. The document warned about the risk of adverse weather, as well as waste coming to the surface due to flooding.

Pérez insisted on the “need for the Government to dismantle the temporary camp, as it does not guarantee safety or act as dignified care and shelter for immigrants.

Apart from the fact that the installation is illegal, the Interior Ministry has not requested the necessary permits, as the land owner is the Port Authority.

What we have been able to conclude today, is that the land is completely unusable for this and the Goverment must start working on a solution”.

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