Save Our Shearwaters

Ecologists in Action Lanzarote have asked residents, businesses and authorities in Playa Blanca, Arrieta, Punta Mujeres and other coastal villages to avoid the use of unnecessary lighting during September and October, when young Cory’s shearwaters make their maiden flights.

“Our priority is to avoid future waves”

In an interview with El Diario de Lanzarote, José Luis Aparicio, the director of Lanzarote's Dr José Molina Orosa Hospital, has spoken of the Covid situation on the island.

Craft fair to open at Mancha Blanca

The Mancha Blanca craft fair will officially open tomorrow until the 15th September, with a total of 87 artisans presenting a huge range of crafts.

Mirador de Haría opened

The Ayuntamiento of Haría officially opened the Mirador de Haría yesterday. The little house overlooking the Malpaso valley is situated on the hairpin bends on the LZ-10 road descending to Haría, and features two impressive balconies which will give visitors the sensation of walking on air.

Rule changes as Covid retreats

Restaurants, bars and night clubs will be able to close at 3am from today, after the Canarian government revised the anti-Covid restrictions yesterday.

Hero’s welcome for Ray

Olympic silver medallist Ray Zapata returned to Lanzarote last week and was given a hero’s welcome by the Gymnastics Club where he started his meteoric career, before an official reception at the Cabildo.

Queues reflect changes in tourism

“I’ve never seen it like this before in my life” says an employee at the Cueva de los Verdes as she looks at the queues of tourists snaking back into the car park. All of them are waiting to join one of the guided tours of the spectacular lava tunnel.

Hunters denounced

A Famara resident has denounced hunters for destroying dry stone walls in the area, some of which are estimated as being up to 200 years old.

Lanzarote back to Level 1

Finally, after spending two months at Level 2 of the Canarian Government’s anti-Covid alert levels, Lanzarote was returned to Level 1 yesterday. The decision foillows a week in which the island saw a slight improvement in figures and no change in hospital occupancy.

Celebrity wedding on La Graciosa

Few British people have ever heard of Anabel Pantoja, but the forthcoming marriage of the niece of one of Spain’s most famous celebrities on the island of La Graciosa will be one of the biggest stories on Lanzarote in the coming month.