No cases in care homes

The effects of the vaccination drive on the Canaries may already be apparent, as recent figures show the apparent elimination of the virus in care homes, and a reduction in the amount of over 65-year-olds contracting the Covid virus on Lanzarote.

Legal trap for British tourism

As the UK waits for Boris Johnson to announce his government's “holiday roadmap” later today, Spain will also have to address the recovery of its most important tourist market. And the first thing it will have to do is to make it legal in the first place.

Sunday News Roundup

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Vaccine programme picks up speed

Spain’s vaccination programme is now picking up speed rapidly, and the massive project of immunizing 70% of Spaniards by the end of summer continues apace, as increased supplies of vaccine start to arrive.

Canaries hold steady against possible fourth wave

Spain fears a fourth wave of Covid infections as cases rise once again in several regions. For the moment, however, Lanzarote’s downward trend continues and the Canaries seem to be holding steady.

Mask law: As you were…

The Canaries will not enforce the new national law that prohibits sunbathing without a mask, and will hope to rely on a loophole in the law that permits measures to be “authorized by local health authorities.”

“British” strain may have caused Lanzarote spike

Lanzarote’s huge post-Christmas spike in covid infections could be a result of the high presence of the British strain on the island, a medical scientist in Tenerife has claimed.

Mask law to be reviewed today

A meeting between the Spanish government and regional leaders today will examine whether any changes can be made to the new national law ordering that masks must be worn at all time in public places, including beaches and pools while sunbathing and while walking in the countryside.

AZ shortfall doesn’t interrupt vaccination campaign

The Canaries has now fully immunised over 100,000 people with two doses of vaccine, and will continue its Covid immunisation programme over Easter, despite a serious shortfall in the supply of AstraZeneca vaccines.

Fake news as 90-day deadline approaches

As the 90-day deadline approaches for non-resident British citizens in Spain, an article that has been widely shared on social media has made suspicious and unsubstantiated claims about the intentions of the Spanish authorities.