22nd Aug 2023 @ 6:55 am

Lanzarote’s wine harvest is reaching its final stages, with the gathering of Listán Negro, Diego and Moscatel grapes. The harvest, at 3 million kilograms, is higher than was initially forecast.  

At the beginning of the harvest the Wine Council predicted a total of just over two million kgs, similar to last year. But the harvest has already exceeded 2.5 million kgs and is expected to reach 3 million.

This will produce around 2 million bottles of wine, it is estimated, and they will be sold at roughly the same prices as last year.

Demand for wine is also ensuring that local vine growers are getting good prices for their crops, which is being sold to bodegas for between €3 and €3.40 a kilo.

Luckily, almost all of the Malvasia grapes, which are Lanzarote’s main crop, were picked before last week’s heatwaves. However, the high temperatures may mean a lower yield of red wine from Listán Negro grapes, which were still in the fields when the temperature shot up.   

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