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Fish spotting on Lanzarote

The best time to discover some of the amazing creatures that surround the island is in September and October, when the sea is at its warmest. Here is our list of the nine species of fish you’re most likely to find in a Lanzarote lagoon.

Lanzarote Carnival Calculator

If you've enjoyed the last month's carnival parades and don't want to miss next year's events, here's a rough guide to when the events are likely to be.

A guide to Lanzarote’s buses

For new residents or tourists, it can be a little confusing to navigate the island’s bus system, with many not in the know about the best sources of information and mobile apps. Here’s your guide to Lanzarote’s buses.

The best fitness challenges that Lanzarote has to offer

Challenges and goals are an important part of getting fit, and Lanzarote lends itself to all sorts of achievements. Here are a few fitness challenges that you can try on the island.

What is a calima?

Calima is the evocative local term for the dust storms that occasionally arrive on the Canaries from North Africa. Here’s what you need to know.

How to spot fake holiday villa listings on Lanzarote

In recent years there have been numerous reports of fake villa scams on Lanzarote with many holidaymakers finding themselves falling victim. Here’s a few ways to spot a fake listing when booking your holiday.

Lanzarote webcams

The webcam pointed at the runway of Lanzarote’s César Manrique Airport is popular amongst aviation buffs and those counting down the days to their holiday. However, did you know that Lanzarote has many more webcams? Here’s your list to the island’s webcams:

Lanzarote telephone numbers

Have you ever thought about contacting a service, but you can’t remember their phone number? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of useful numbers that you can bookmark or screenshot.

Public Holidays 2024

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As usual, there will be 14 public holidays this year. Eight are national, and cannot be changed. Four are decided by the Canarian Government (one of which is an island holiday), and the remaining two are fixed by local councils.

Health requests on Lanzarote

Waiting lists for non-essential operations remain long on Lanzarote, but there are ways to ensure that your case is being attended to.