29th Mar 2022 @ 11:31 am

The sunny southern town of Playa Blanca was finally able to celebrate Carnival after two years of cancellations and postponements. The town let loose and celebrated gleefully at last Sunday’s Day Carnival.

Photos: Ayuntamiento de Yaiza.

Everyone dressed head-to-toe in their costumes, grabbed a bottle of cold tropical beer, and danced to the live music performances. Even the Mayor of Yaiza and fellow Yaiza Councillors dressed up for the occasion, as explorers of the “Jungle” theme.

The mayor shared his thoughts on the Carnival, “The images don’t lie. I want to publicly express my gratitude to the performing artists.” Councillor Javier Camacho added, “people were delighted with the celebration of the Carnival, even the weather was good. Of course, there is always room for improvement.”

Residents and tourists danced, jumped and shouted more than they ever had after many months of cancelled events. They let their hair down to laugh and enjoy the day, and celebrating is an important part of our existence.

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