20th Jun 2020 @ 9:21 am

No coronavirus on Lanzarote

There are now no positive cases of Covid-19 on Lanzarote, after the young migrant who was the last remaining positive case on the island tested negative yesterday and was discharged. He was one of 144 tests announced on Friday, all of which showed negative results.

This means that one long-term patient recovering in the Dr José Molina Oroza Hospital is the only active case on the island, and this patient tested negative for the virus several weeks ago.

The “New Normal” announced

The Canarian Government has announced details of the laws that will govern the “new normal”, which will come into effect at midnight on Sunday June 21st , when the national State of Alarm declared on 14th June expires.

Figures such as 1.5 metres (the recommended safe social distance) and 75% (the maximum capacity for most events) will be key to public life in the near future, while mask use and disinfection are likely to become aspects of everyday life.

The rules apply to many areas of public life, but do not cover schools, which will be governed by a protocol drawn up by the Canarian Education Council before term commences in September. This task will be the responsibility of veteran  Lanzarote politician Manuela Armas, who was yesterday appointed as the region’s new Education Councillor.

Canarian president, Ángel Victor Torres said that Sunday “will end a period that has lasted for 14 weeks, a period which saw very difficult moments and complicated and painful decisions for citizens who felt despair and fear.” However, after flattening the curve of the pandemic, the situation has improved and, from Sunday, according to Torres, “the Canaries will be almost as they were on the 14th March.”

The principal measures of the new normal are as follows:

Social distancing

  • Masks will be compulsory in situations where a safe distance of 1.5 metres cannot be guaranteed.

Events, concerts and fiestas

  • 1,000 people are authorized in outdoor events; 300 indoors, with staggered access and no crowding

Bars & Restaurants

  • 1.5 metres distance must be maintained between tables, groups or people at the bar.
  • Shared menus are not be used.
  • Venues are to be cleaned and disinfected.

Shops and shopping centres

  • May open, not exceeding 75% of the allowed capacity.

Hotels and other tourist accommodation

  • Rules will depend on the specific measurements of each establishment.
  • Animation will take place outdoors with no shared equipment.
  • Buffets must have protective screens and offer individual plating and single-service.
  • Textile use will be reduced throughout establishments.
  • Bedding will be protected in wardrobes.

Cultural activities in closed or open spaces

  • Seats will pre-assigned, maintaining the safety distance.
  • In museums, galleries, and libraries capacity restrictions end, although emphasis is placed on monitoring compliance with security regulations.


  • Maximum groups of 30 outdoors or 25 people indoors, always observing safety distances and hygiene measures.
  • Activities with continued interpersonal contact are not authorized.

Sports events and public shows

  • Social distancing or use of a mask must be maintained, with a limit of 75% of  capacity and a maximum of 300 people indoors or 1,000 outdoors.
  • Seated spectators must maintain the safety distance.


  • Social distancing between those who do not live in the same house must be maintained and may not exceed 75% of capacity.
  • Outdoor acts of worship must respect safety measures.


  • Social distance will be maintained between those who do not live together, with a maximum of 50 people outdoors or 20 indoors.
  • The entourage of the funeral will not exceed 50 people.
  • No more than five people in the cremation room.

Religious or civil ceremonies

  • The safety distance between those who don’t live together will be maintained and the 75% capacity may not be exceeded.
  • A maximum of 250 people is authorized outdoors or 150 indoors.


  • Specific municipal regulations must be respected, maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres.
  • Sports practice will be individual or in pairs, without contact.
  • Equipment, machinery and sun loungers will be disinfected before and after use.
  • Sun beds will be for individual use with 2 metres of separation between them.


  • Only permitted with municipal authorization and in groups of a maximum of 20 people.


  • Night leisure is authorized in open spaces, at tables.
  • 75% maximum capacity.
  • Crowds must be avoided and dance floors are forbidden

Cinemas and theatres

  • No capacity restrictions but seats must be preassigned, with the appropriate distancing between people.