22nd Apr 2022 @ 1:08 pm

Puerto del Carmen’s brand new logo was launched today at a press conference in the Fondeadero Centre in the old town.

The new logo was explained by designer Rebeca White, who based the design on one simple shape – the triangle. Inspired by the early Berber alphabet and other ancient geometric native carvings; the work of Manrique and the triangular shape of the sails that propelled Puerto del Carmen’s historic fishing trade, the angular logo is a radical departure from previous designs. What hasn’t changed from previous logos are the four colours used by the resort: bright blue to represent nature; red to reflect sport; yellow to represent the arts and a darker blue to reflect culture and history.

The logo is accompanied by a graphic – an equally geometric love heart consisting of eight diamonds in the same four colours. Within each diamond is a pictogram representing fish, a sun umbrella, A Manrique mobile, the sun, musical notes, a palm tree, a sailing boat and a bicycle.

Both designs, as well as the triangle motif and colour scheme, will form the basis of Puerto del Carmen’s publicity campaigns in the years to come.

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