17th Sep 2021 @ 9:00 am

The Canarian Government decided that all islands will remain on their current levels; except for Tenerife which drops to Level 2.

Although nothing has changed for most of the islands, the new level change for Tenerife will be active from midnight tonight.

Level 1 restrictions:

General measures

  • Groups of up to 10 people may gather in public and private.
  • The maximum occupancy of several activities, such as religious services, funerals, indoor markets, swimming pools, spas etc is increased to 75%.
  • Outdoor markets may operate at 100% occupancy.

Bars and restaurants

  • Closing time at 2 am. This is likely to be extended to 3 am shortly, when a new law is approved by the Canarian Parliament.
  • Outdoor terraces may be occupied to 100% capacity, with a maximum of 10 to a table.
  • Indoor dining areas have a capacity of 75%, with a maximum of 6 to a table.
  • Up to four people may gather at the bar
  • Buffets are permitted indoors and outdoors.
  • Nightclubs are permitted to open until 2am.  Karaoke is permitted.  Outdoor areas are 100% occupancy with a maximum of 10 to a table; indoors, 50% capacity and a maximum of 4 to a table.  

What does not change

  • Masks must be worn in any indoor public places, and may only be removed for eating and drinking in bars and restaurants.
  • Masks must be worn outdoors when distancing of 1.5 metres cannot be guaranteed.
  • Masks must be worn in public transport and cars in which people who do not live together are traveling.
  • Exemptions to mask-wearing apply to children under 6 and those with medical certification provided by a local health centre.

Lanzarote Nightlife Proposal
The Canarian Government have agreed to allow nightlife venus to remain open until 4am, if Covid certificates are presented from both the clients and working staff.

The measure will take affect from midnight tonight and will be allowed until midnight on 31st October.

Nightclubs and bars must be able to prove that their workers and clients have: the Covid certificate more than 14 days in advance, have had and recovered from the virus or have a negative test result with a maximum notice of 48 hours (self-diagnostic tests not applicable).

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