1st Nov 2023 @ 6:00 am

This leisurely walk will take you from the Faro Park lighthouse to the centre of Playa Blanca.

Starting at the lighthouse in Faro Park we suggest that you take the number 30 bus to the Pechiguera stop unless you want to make it a circular walk and double back on yourself once you reach the centre of town.

There are plenty of spots to park in Faro Park, along the commercial street or down by one of the hotels will allow residents and tourist parking.

Once you hop off the bus at the Pechiguera stop turn around and walk to the roundabout before turning right and heading towards the starting point in front of the lighthouse.

We recommend starting in the early morning as the sun rises, if it’s a clear day you’ll be able to see Fuerteventura as the waves crash against the rocks at the lighthouse.

Once you’ve enjoyed the views from the lighthouse, head to the start of the paved seafront and begin walking. At the start of the walk you’ll see a number of Playa Blanca’s large hotels that, in the morning, are very quiet and the only people you’ll be seeing are fellow walkers or joggers.

At a quarter of the way is the small bar popular with locals and tourists as well as a small diving shop in front of Playa de Montaña Roja. From this point until the next beach walkers are treated to the calm shores outlined with dark volcanic rock. There’s plenty of photo opportunities along the way too.

At the next beach you may see a few divers and swimmers’ heads bobbing along the waters surface, this is a popular spot for divers to head out and explore the underwater world that Lanzarote has to offer. If its later in the day you may want to stop off at the adjacent commercial centre to grab a coffee or light refreshment before continuing along the seafront.

From here until Playa Flamingo it’s a people watchers dream, you’ll pass three hotels and be able to watch as the early birds rise to claim their sunbeds with towels.

As you approach the beach you can stop off at the long abandoned military turret used to defend the island years ago. It offers a good vantage point and allows for views over the entirety of Playa Flamingo and its stunning crystal blue waters. Here you can also stop off at one of the various cafes and bars along the beach for a bite to eat.

Passing the corner of the nearby Iberostar hotel you will see Playa Blanca’s latest addition – the new and improved port. If you’ve timed it well you should see the ferries coming and going or hear the honking of the horn as one approaches.

Passing the port and the Punta Limones commercial centre you should continue through the hire car park until you reach the small rocky beach with views of tiny sailboats. From here take the steps up to the Avenida Maritima and peruse along Playa Blanca’s seafront at your leisure.

You have reached the end of the walk as you find Playa Blanca’s central beach. Take this time to snap some panoramic shots of the sea and distant Fuerteventura or take a selfie with your walking partner, but most of all enjoy it.

The early mornings are the quietest times in Lanzarote resorts, and it’s a time where you can really appreciate them without the hustle and bustle.

If you’re planning to walk back the way you came, this would be the ideal time to stop off at a café and take a break before continuing. If you started the walk at sunrise the shops should be slowly starting to open in the sunny southern resort by this time.


This is a linear 5km walk which should take you a couple of hours to complete (longer if you decide to make it a circular walk and turn back.) The terrain is easy, with some incline.

If you’re coming by bus, head to the main bus station in Playa Blanca and hop on the number 30 bus, getting off at the Pechiguera stop.

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