Lanzarote wines at the Barcelona Wine Week fair

Eleven of the island’s local wineries are showcasing their quality wines in the third edition of the prestigious Barcelona Wine Week fair.

Puffins starved to death

Dead puffins that have been washed ashore in the Canaries are not the victims of bird flu, according to scientists at the University of Las Palmas.

C1 Broker awarded

Zurich have awarded C1 Broker with the 2022 Best Insurance Brokerage in the expat market award. Founded in the Canaries, they have recently opened a new branch in Lanzarote.

Carbon questions

A study by the University of La Laguna in Tenerife estimates that carbon emissions from tourist flights amount to 54% of the emissions already caused by the Canary Islands.

Housing for hotel staff “impossible”

Canarian hotel owners have complained that the lack of affordable housing is making it impossible for them to find staff to work for them.

Canarian icons

When people talk about Canarian food and drink, they're not always referring to fresh fish, gofio and local wine. Several Canarian companies produce mass market products that are well-known to everyone on the islands. Here are a few of them...

Green tax exemption requested

Canarian tourist business federations, including Lanzarote’s FTL, have called for the islands to be exempt from green taxes which will apply to international flights in Europe from 2024 onwards.

Murder trial verdict

The cook who murdered his employer in Puerto del Carmen in August 2019 has been found guilty by the Jury and faces a 19-year prison sentence.

Rosalía returns

Spain's biggest star of recent years, Rosalía, will perform in Gran Canaria this summer.

Plastic diet

89% of shearwaters contain plastics in their body, according to a recent study from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.