Groper’s appeal rejected

A Las Palmas court has rejected the appeal of a man found guilty of sexual assault after groping the bottom of a woman in the street. The incident occurred in December 2020, when according to the prosecution “a man who was walking down a street in the capital approached the plaintiff with the intention of satisfying his most reprehensible sexual instincts and, without saying a word, touched one of her buttocks and leered at her." The victim immediately called for help from her mother, who was walking ahead of her. The man was found guilty last May in an Arrecife criminal court and ordered to pay the victim €250 damages, as well as fine of €6 a day for over 18 months. His appeal was refused.

Murder trial

The cook who murdered his employer in Puerto del Carmen in August 2019 will face trial in Gran Canaria shortly.

Islands of passion

A Canarian professor has written a book that analyses the role of the Canary Islands in British romantic fiction.

Meteorite falls

The Canarian Astrophysics Institute (ICA) has said that a meteorite that passed over Gran Canaria before falling into the sea is the first recorded in the Canaries.

Three found on oil tanker rudder

The Salvamento Maritimo find three men sitting on the rudder of an oil tanker on it’s way from Nigeria to Gran Canaria.

Free bus travel from January 1st

Coalición Canaria (CC) have announced that an agreement with the Spanish Government will see free bus and tram travel for residents from January 1st.

Slash landing!

A Jet2 flight carrying passengers from Gran Canaria to Manchester was recently forced to schedule an emergency landing – so that passengers could use the toilet.

Seeking Swallows

The Canary Islands is actively encouraging older tourists to come and stay for longer periods and enjoy everything that the eight different islands have to offer.

Jane Millares dies

Canarian artist Jane Millares has died at the age of 94 in Gran Canaria.

Test warning on 10th November

Mobile phone users in the Canaries have been advised that they may receive a Civil Protection text message on the 10th November.