One in five houses empty

One in five houses on the Canary Islands were unoccupied in 2021, according to a survey by the surveying group Tinsa.

Guardia Civil destroy over 1000 firearms

Over 1000 firearms including shotguns, rifles, carbines, pistols, and revolvers have been destroyed by the Guardia Civil as part of the Canaries “Firearms Control Plan” (PICAF).

Canarian President asks King for water investment

Canarian President Fernando Clavijo yesterday expressed his concerns about water supplies on the islands to King Felipe VI.

The hottest month ever recorded in the Canary Islands

August was the hottest month in recorded history on the Canary Islands, according to AEMET, Spain's weather agency.

Horrific crash in Corralejo

Eight people, including a four-month-old baby, were injured this week when a car lost control and crashed into a crowded restaurant terrace on the main tourist street in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.

School book grants

The Canarian Government has raised the income threshold at which families can qualify for financial assistance to buy schoolbooks and educational material for the new school year. .

Tenerife wildfire could be under control this week

The wildfire in Tenerife could be under control this week, according to Rosa Davila, President of Tenerife's Cabildo.

Tenerife wildfire worsens

The Tenefire wildfire is “beyond our capabilities”, the chief firefighter on the island, Pedro Martínez, has stated.

Tenerife: “Worst wildfire for 40 years”

"It's the worst wildfire for 40 years” is how Canarian President Fernando Clavijo described the blaze in Tenerife that has led to 7,600 local residents being evacuated to temporary accommodation.

New light on Canarian prehistory

A new study shows that the original settlement of the Canary Islands by human beings was a more complicated process, and that there was little to no contact between the natives of various islands.