Chambermaids a “dangerous profession”

Trade unions have requested that the work of hotel chambermaids is classed as a “dangerous profession”, in order to allow earlier retirement.

Canary Vision Pro – Reality you can truly see

Turismo de Islas Canarias have unveiled their answer to Apple’s new Vision Pro VR headset, which may give the tech giant some serious competition.

Winter calimas on the increase

Concerns are rising about the increased presence of calimas on the Canary Islands.

Canary Islands population grows by 1%

The population of the Canary Islands increased by 1.03% last year, gaining 23,000 new residents. The total population of the islands is currently 2,236,013.

Canarian schools to ban phones

The Canarian Education Council has announced that use of mobile phones and other devices will be banned in Canarian classrooms from the 18th of February.

Largest bird on the Canaries could be extinct within 50 years

The Hubara Bustard, the largest bird on the Canaries, could be extinct within 50 years, according to a recent scientific report.

Canarian experts back smoking ban

Canarian health experts have supported the Spanish government's proposal to ban smoking on outdoor restaurant and bar terraces.

Binter announce 16 daily flights to Madrid

Canarian airline Binter have announced new flights between the Canary Islands and Madrid with 16 daily flights to the Spanish capital.

Rough seas warning

The Canarian Government has declared a pre-alert for rough seas in the Canaries. The warning started at 9 am this morning.

Face masks re-introduced in health centres, hospitals and clinics

As of today, face masks must once again be worn in health centres, hospitals and clinics on the Canaries.