Election knife edge

An opinion poll has predicted a hung parliament followiung the Canarian Governemtn elections in May. Opposing blocs of parties are predicted to tie, each winning 35 seats of the 70-seat legislature.

The Lord of the Rings comes to the Canaries

Amazon’s most expensive TV series “The Rings of Power” has begun filming the second season, bringing the crew to Tenerife. You may want to keep an eye out when the new season airs, to see if you can spot the Canarian landscape.

The Piper Pilot

Stanislav Kaljban is a 47-year old flying instructor from Slovakia whose blog, The Piper Pilot, regularly shows the most spectacular aerial views of the Canary Islands, photographed from the vantage point of a Piper training aircraft.

Man arrested with 51 grams of cocaine

The Guardia Civil have arrested a 39-year-old man after a search revealed that he possessed 6 kilograms of hashish and 51 grams of cocaine hidden in a rental vehicle.

When Jupiter aligns with Venus

The “kissing stars” will remain visible tonight after their celestial kiss last night.

Transport strike halted

Canarian haulage businesses called off their strike yesterday, putting an end to fears of supply.

Warning of supply shortages

The President of Asentra, the Canarian Association of Haulage Operators, has warned that supplies may be affected by the stoppages called by his federation of businesses.

Airline monopoly criticised

Ex-Canarian President Fernando Clavijo has criticised the acquisition of Air Europa by Iberia's International Airline Group (IAG), claiming that it may lead to higher fares and the establishment of a monopoly.

“Middleman” case

The Canarian president , Victor Ángel Torres, has announced that he will take legal action against a “fixer” who claims that he was aware of bribery and fraud among Socialist politicians in the Canarian Government's agriculture department

Manolo Vieira dies

Canarian comedian Manolo Vieira has died at the age of 73.