4th Aug 2020 @ 1:26 pm


August is usually the busiest month here and whilst it has been lovely to see a few more people in the tourist resorts, we are nowhere near the usual visitor numbers. Those that are lucky enough to arrive this month can expect sunshine – and lots of it! – as well as high temperatures, very high UV levels and, of course, an increased chance of calima with the stronger winds.

Last year the month started with temperatures bang on average but from mid-month they crept up tipping 30 degrees and causing an amber weather warning. The official high for the month was 35 degrees although it felt more like 39 degrees.

We have a clever little weather system here, as during the Summer months we also see an increase in the wind speed; this essentially helps keep the temperatures at a bearable level. What does need caution is how the wind leaves beautiful clear blue skies which see our UV often hit 11+ with a very high risk of harm to unprotected skin. For some of you, that translates to a burn time of less than 5 minutes! As well as looking for sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection please don’t forget to protect your eyes – sunglasses need to filter both types of UV rays also.

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