7th May 2020 @ 9:20 pm

Despite the lockdown, Spain’s tax season is already under way and will really hit its stride this month. Given that 70% of Spanish taxpayers see some kind of rebate, it’s also going to provide some much-needed income for many people at a time when they could really use it.

First published in Gazette Life, May 1st 2020.

It’s possible to do your tax declaration yourself, but this is only advised if your financial arrangements are fairly simple. – and who of us can claim that? Most of us without a decent knowledge of fiscal and legal Spanish will find it much easier more efficient to hire a tax adviser or financial consultant or gestor to handle it for them.

A borrador (rough draft) of the tax declaration can be obtained from the Renta website belonging to Spain’s Agencia Tributaría. This requires you to sign in with an online certificate or PIN number, both of which are fairly easy to get hold of. If you submitted a declaration last year or before, you’ve probably already got one.

This rough draft is based on the information the financial authorities have received about you in the previous year will give you an idea of whether you’ll get a rebate or have to settle with the Hacienda (tax office).

From 5th May, you’ll be able to request an appointment with the tax office to consult them regarding your declaration. However, it’s likely that the lockdown may seriously affect this, so be sure to check in advance.

From 7th May, taxpayers can call the Agencia Tributaria directly by phone, where their queries will be answered by trained staff. The face-to-face appointments are scheduled to begin on 13th May, and the time limit for submitting your declaration is currently the 30th June.

If you owe money to the tax authorities, you can choose to pay it all at once or stagger it over two payments, one on – 25th June, the other on 5th November. If you are owed a rebate, the money will be paid directly into your bank account shortly after submission of the declaration.

Tax rules change every year, which is another reason to get professionals to help you with this task.