11th Apr 2023 @ 9:05 am

The first shared self-sufficient solar panel installation has been presented at Lanzarote’s Chamber of Commerce.

The 72 solar panels will provide power to the Chamber’s Business Incubator, which supports 17 start-ups in a building next to the Chamber itself.  While many businesses and private individuals have installed solar panels before, this is the first time a shared installation has been created.

In a country where most people live under the same roof as neighbours  in shared buildings, this is an important sterp forward in the implementation of renewable energy on the island 

José Valle, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Lanzarote and La Graciosa, said “We want to show that this is possible, and also that it’s profitable. This is an important achievement to demonstrate that it is possible to reduce emissions and offset the carbon footprint of the island and its economic activity.” 

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