21st Jun 2022 @ 11:07 am

The National Police have issued a warning and list of measures that you can take to stay safe in Lanzarote this summer.

Lanzarote’s busiest months are coming up with thousands of tourists booked to arrive in July and August. While Lanzarote is by no means dangerous, or has a high crime rate, it’s important to keep some things in mind to avoid being caught out on holiday.

Key points before you leave:

  • Make sure to close all doors/windows and always alarm the house.
  • Don’t post every detail of your holiday on social media, especially if your account isn’t private.
  • Don’t leave an answering phone message about your absence.
  • Use plug-in timers to schedule the routine turning on of lights, TVs and radios.
  • If you have a trusted neighbour with a spare set of keys, have them empty the letterbox and have a quick once over the house to lift blinds or open curtains during the daytime.
  • Put all valuables and electronics that you aren’t taking on holiday into a safe or locked room.

On holiday:

  • Carry only what is necessary when out and about, and don’t lose sight of it by putting a phone or wallet down on a café/restaurant table.
  • When using a hire car make sure to put any bags in the boot with a cover over it so prying eyes can’t see.
  • Keep your bag closed and in sight on public transport.
  • Avoid gambling/casinos on the street.
  • Be aware of those around you when withdrawing cash from a cashpoint.

The National Police have also reminded holidaymakers to call the police if they notice (open windows/doors or strange noises) when returning to your holiday villa/hotel room.

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