1st Sep 2023 @ 6:00 am

Excited, newly-arrived holiday makers are sipping champagne as we pass through the opulent foyer of the Jameos Playa Hotel in Puerto del Carmen. Their stress is over, their holiday is just about to begin and just down the broad, curved staircase is a place where they’ll be able to relax more than they could ever imagine.

Alexis Álamo has been running the Mas Wellness Spa Centre in the Jameos Playa for over 14 years. A highlyqualified wellness manager and therapist, Alexis offers us a warm welcome to the beauty salón and hairdressers area of the centre.

“Our main aim is to offer absolute relaxation he says,” he says. “Massage, for example, won’t cure anything, but it will get rid of certain pains, relax you and help prevent against future injuries.”

Massage is the part of the job Alexis finds most satisfying. “I’ve spent a lot of time doing it, and I know what I’m doing, applying correct, defined pressure where its needed.” It’s this skill that caused one user to describe Alexis’s work as “the best anti-stress massage I’ve ever had in my life.”

Alexis also performs deeply pleasurable reflexology foot massages, Scen Tao hot stone massages and offers a special Ironman massage for athletes. But he’s not alone: his team includes beauty specialist Romina, therapist Gratziella and senior hairdresser Délia – all of them experienced and qualified professionals.

Mas Wellness also offers a wide range of beauty treatments, including lemon and lavender peels, seaweed, aloe vera and mud wraps and Vitamin C facial treatments. As we watch the high-tech bed used for wraps gently sink into zero-gravity, we can only imagine how amazingly relaxing the experience must be.

Another aspect of Mas Wellness is the spa. “Saunas have to be done right,” says Alexis. “It’s not a matter of staying inside for as long you can bear it.” At Mas Wellness there are three types of sauna – the Finnish, which offers dry heat at 90 degrees Celsius, which is followed by a session in the steam room at 45 degrees. Finally, there’s the bio-sauna – a 60 degree combination of steam and dry heat. In between, sauna users dip quickly into a bracing 8 degree plunge pool, or cool off in the sensation shower.

Standing in the beauty therapy centre, where a single banana leaf decorates each bed in a calm, peaceful atmosphere, Alexis tells us that recently, while at work, after a day with many satisfied customers he suddenly realised something : “I thought “ We’re very good at what we do”.


Mas Wellness can be found on the lower floor of the Jameos Playa Hotel in Matagorda, Puerto del Carmen. The centre is open from 10 am to 7.30 pm Monday to Saturday and is available to everyone on the island, although reservations are recommended. To find out more and discover the huge range of treatments on offer, go to www.maswellness.net. To reserve, call or Whatsapp (0034) 663896 500.

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