Scanning the sands

Those tourist beaches must be full of luxury watches and diamond earrings, right? And what about all that pirate gold hidden around the island? We went to Famara beach to chat to metal detecting hobbyist and YouTuber Roger Guedes about Lanzarote's glittering treasure.

The height of excellence

Arrecife's Gran Hotel is a landmark – both in its physical presence as the only high-rise building on Lanzarote, but also as a standard of excellence. Hotel director Luis Miguel Morales has worked there for almost 20 years, so we chatted with him about the island's most instantly recognisable hotel.

Viva La Lucha!

After coming to a two year standstill during the pandemic, Canarian wrestling is back. With competitions now taking place every week all over the island, we wanted to find out more. So we contacted Charlea Bates-Morgan, a British 18-year-old who's been grappling in the sand circle for most of her life, and she took us to a training session at the Club de Lucha de Tinajo (Tinajo Wrestling Club).

Craft and laughter

With the arrival of the social bee workshop in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote residents and tourists can now enjoy fun and practical craft classes in a gorgeous location.

The heart & soul of Lanzarote

Tucked away in the centre of San Bartolomé is the Museo Tanit – a jewel of a museum that deserves to be far better known. We visited last month to discover some of the fascinating treasures within.

It’s got to be Arthur’s

Arthur's Bar is an institution in Puerto del Carmen. Located in the CC Maritimo, it's famous for fine pub grub, legendary Sunday dinners and sports galore.

Lanzarote access for all!

Island Mobility Lanzarote is under new ownership; and with tourism roaring back to life on Lanzarote, Dan and Jo Blumson's vital services and commitment to customer care are going to be in more demand than ever.

Eye in the sky

George Stephens is a photographer who publishes his work under the title gstee. He recently came to Lanzarote, and the incredible results prompted us to contact him to find out more.

Speed Racer

At 13, Jayden Baker from Las Breñas has a chance to get on the first ladder of the motor racing ladder after being accepted by the CRG Factory racing team from Bergamo, Italy – known as “the champions factory”.

The Healing Farm

LanzÁnimal is a unique place on Lanzarote, a therapeutic farm full of rescued animals in rural Guatiza which operates as a centre for animal therapy and educational visits. We spent a fantastic afternoon there last month, and would like to introduce you to some of the characters we got to know there.