The Mosaic Man

This month’s story comes from Jim Cane, a tiler by trade who moved to Lanzarote seven years ago after meeting his future girlfriend, Roni. Jim recently tried his hand at mosaic art with the left-over tiles from previous jobs.

Bella Avery

Our cover star this month is 10-year old Bella Avery. Photographer Sabrina Suppers borrowed a wicker peacock chair from Kate Harvey, arranged the loan of a beautiful white dress from designer Oswaldo Machín in San Bartolomé and headed up to the dunes of Famara, with Bella chattering and whistling all the way. The location and the light were perfect, and once the evening sun caught Bella’s gorgeous red hair, we knew we had a winner...

Lanzarote’s Heartbeat

Lanzarote is in constant motion, a volcanic island that is shifting and trembling all the time. These movements are constantly measured and monitored by specialists here and around the world. We visited the source of this information, the Lanzarote…

Oscars’ Musical Legacy

This month’s story comes from Martin McCormack, a musician who immortalised a Lanzarote bar in the form of an electric guitar.

The son of the sea

On days when small waves roll into Lanzarote's beaches, it's common to see tourists trying a bit of bodysurfing. But surely no one would consider doing it on notorious, awe-inspiring waves such as El Quemao at La Santa. No one, that is, apart from expert bodysurfer Ahmed Erraji – also known as El Hijo del Mar (Son of the Sea).

Made of Iron

Ten years ago, shortly after arriving on Lanzarote with her young daughter, Gemma Haywood wondered why she seemed to have developed an Adam's apple. The terrible explanation arrived when she consulted her doctor, who diagnosed her with thyroid cancer.

Anything is possible!

Two years ago Rory Duffy weighed 17.8 stone (113 kgs). Now he has two Ironman medals. We spoke to him about changing your life completely.

Surviving the storm

Indian Delights celebrates its first birthday this August and if you know the restaurant, you’ll know that the anniversary is going to be celebrated in fine style. But that year has been a tough, worrying and challenging one for every business on Lanzarote. How Indian Delights survived is a lesson for everyone.

Cat Control

A new project aims to bring together animal welfare groups, conservationists and the general population in order to tackle the enduring problem of feral cats on Lanzarote and La Graciosa. We met Carmen Portela, of Lanzarote’s Desert Watch association, Emma Clifford of the Animal Balance organisation and Dr. John Boone, Research Director of the Great Basin Bird Observatory in Reno, NV, USA, and consultant to Humane Society of the United States.

Eye on Arrecife

Armando Santana is Arrecife's councillor for Tourism, Commerce and Industry, and is one the most visible members of the capital's ruling group. He spoke to us about how Arrecife has survived the pandemic and ambitious plans for the future of Lanzarote's only city, which is home to almost half of the island's population.