Mas Wellness: Intense Relaxation

Excited, newly-arrived holiday makers are sipping champagne as we pass through the opulent foyer of the Jameos Playa Hotel in Puerto del Carmen. Their stress is over, their holiday is just about to begin and just down the broad, curved staircase is a place where they'll be able to relax more than they could ever imagine.

More than a Spa

Lanzarote Pool & Spa Shop in Playa Blanca are well known for their quality products and unmatched service. We chatted with manager Steven Mottershaw about their new shipment of spas.

Gardening Revolution

The latin word canariensis indicates that something comes from the Canary islands, and is found in the latin names of several of the native species on these islands.

Detect and locate

You might know you have a leak. You might suspect it but not be sure. You might not know at all. Whatever the situation, Canary Detect pinpoint the location of leaks, pipes and cables quickly, efficiently and without the need for extensive digging and probing.