24th Sep 2021 @ 8:35 am

Lanzarote remained on Level 1 (Low Risk) status yesterday, despite a slight rise in recent Covid cases which has raised many of the island’s indicators to Level 2 (Medium Risk).

Lanzarote’s 7- and 14- day infection rates have risen slightly, but the rapidly falling figures on the other islands mean that they are now higher than those of Tenerife and Gran Canaria. Lanzarote posted a daily average of around 12 cases during the last week, and now has 102 active cases – one for every 1,500 people on the island. At the meeting of the Canarian Government’s health council yesterday, it was decided that the trend on Lanzarote was “rising, but under control due to the high levels of traceability.”

Traceability refers to the percentage of cases that have been connected to an existing case or outbreak, and permits authorities to recommend tests and isolation. On Lanzarote, over 70% of cases have been successfully traced – the highest level on any of the larger islands.

Meanwhile, local press reports just two patients in intensive care at the Dr José Molina Orosa hospital in Arrecife. However, official Canary Islands figures rank IC occupation as medium risk, with figures that suggest three or four patients.

Canarian health authorities recently announced that Lanzarote had registered five new outbreaks in the past week, four of which are related to centres where migrants who have tested positive are accommodated.

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