18th Aug 2022 @ 11:35 am

In a press release issued this Wednesday, Lanzarote En Pie party member, Ramiro Muñóz, has criticised the state of the public toilets in the bus station in Playa Blanca.

“We are in the busiest months of the year in Playa Blanca and to have facilities in this condition is unacceptable”, stated Lanzarote En Pie party member for the municipality of Yaiza, Ramiro Muñóz.

“The situation has been an issue for more than fifteen days with some stalls closed and bad smells. This is a busy time for Playa Blanca, and facilities in this condition are not acceptable.”.

Muñóz continued and emphasised the lack of supplies for the cleaning staff, “the material is delivered in a trolley for staff to clean the facilities.”.

“This situation is not new, and those responsible are aware of the issue as there have been many complaints.

It is incomprehensible that this issue has still not been resolved.”

In closing he stated that “the image of Playa Blanca as a tourist destination must be pristine and attention to detail is essential”, therefore, “it is incomprehensible that the Ayuntamiento boasts its budgets but doesn’t allocate any of it on improving the facilities used daily by tourists and residents.”.

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