12th Nov 2023 @ 9:50 am

Coalición Canaria (CC), the main regional Canarian political party, have pledged to support the investiture of Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez “with head but not heart”.

The vote of Cristina Valido, the CC’s single representative in Spain’s congress, was agreed in exchange for pledges on free bus travel from the end of this year, the continuance of 75% residents’ discounts for air travel and other subsidies for education and infrastructure.

However, CC were clear that they would not support the proposed amnesty law that has permitted Sánchez to gain the crucial support of Catalan separatist parties.

After signing the agreement with the vice-secretary of the Socialists on Friday, Valido said “We are not here so that the Socialists can achieve their goals, nor that the right wing can achieve theirs. We are here to reach an understanding and attend to the Canaries.”

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