New scooter rules

Today new rules governing electric scooter use come into force in Spain.

Call for masks in health centres

Spain's Association of Family Doctors has called for the re-introduction of face mask use in health centres following a recent rise in Covid infections.

El Gordo draw

Christmas starts in earnest in Spain today with the draw for the world's biggest lottery, El Gordo.

School phone ban proposed

Spain's Education Ministry is proposing to ban the use of mobile phones in classrooms.

New plans for smoking bans

The Spanish Health Minister has announced that her department will continue drafting a law that will ban smoking on outdoor terraces, beaches, and in private cars.

National public holiday tomorrow

Tomorrow, December 8th, is the Day of the Immaculate Conception, a national public holiday in Spain.

Calls for Nolotil ban

Concerns about a widely prescribed painkiller in Spain are increasing after recent reports in the British press about a demand for a total ban on the drug.

A gleam of hope for the 90-day rule

A French law could provide hope for British non-resident homeowners in Spain who have been tied by the 90-day law since Brexit.

Bizum collapse causes chaos

The collapse of the support system for Bizum, a digital payment method that is extremely popular in Spain and the Canaries, caused chaos yesterday.

CC support Sánchez

Coalición Canaria (CC), the main regional Canarian political party, have pledged to support the investiture of Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez “with head but not heart”.