New animal welfare law introduced

The Spanish government's new animal welfare law, which comes into force on the 29th of September this year, requires all dog owners to insure their animals for third party damages.

Football fury

Spain's women's football team, who won the World Cup in Australia last Sunday, have issued a statement claiming that they will not represent their country while the current directors of Spanish football remain in place.

Hung parliament in Spain’s General Election

The Spanish general election yesterday resulted in a hung parliament, and will mean weeks, if not months, of difficult negotiations for Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez if he seeks to continue leading the country.

Election campaign winds up

Today will be the last day of campaigning for the Spanish General Election which takes place on Sunday. Tomorrow will be a “day of reflection” upon which campaigning is banned.

Face mask law to be lifted

As of next week, face masks will no longer be compulsory in Spanish hospitals, health centres, chemists and other health-related environments.

Sánchez calls election

Spain will vote for the second time in less than two months, following Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez's decision to call a snap General Election on July 23rd.

Heatwave laws

The Spanish government has announced that it will prohibit workers from working outdoors during extremely hot weather.

Sexual assault law amended

Spain’s parliament yesterday amended the “Only Yes is Yes” law on sexual assault after a loophole had caused the early release of more than 100 sex offenders.

Spain frees “Bad Bank” homes

The Spanish Government has approved plans to make thousands of homes owned by the “Bad Bank” available. On Lanzarote, the total of properties available is 81.

New Spanish Tourism and Health Ministers

Spain's President, Pedro Sánchez, has appointed new Tourism and Health ministers in a small cabinet reshuffle.