14th Jun 2022 @ 9:26 am

Corpus Christi falls this Thursday, but the main celebration of this religious event will take place in Arrecife this weekend with one of Lanzarote’s most charming events – the Salt Carpets.

Corpus christi is celebrated throughout Spain by the creation of colourful carpets. Usually, these are made of flowers, but on Lanzarote we’re a bit short of those, so tons of sea salt, which has been dyed various colours, are used instead,.

In and around the plaza de San Ginés in Arrecife, various associations gather on Saturday night to create their carpets – detailed murals that reflect their field of interest. They work long into the night, and the carpets are usually ready for the next morning.

Locals spend the morning strolling and admiring the carpets until the mass at 12 noon, after which the image of the Virgin is solemnly paraded over the carpets, destroying them all in an act that symbolises the brevity and evanescence of life. The parade is followed by children, who often bring glass jars and bottles to collect the coloured sand in, finally, the street sweeper.

The Alfombras de Sal will be on display on the morning of Sunday 19th June in and around the Plaza de San Ginérs, Arrecife.

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