6th Aug 2020 @ 9:16 am

The Canary Islands have taken out an insurance policy that will cover tourists for costs arising as a result of Covid-19 exposure on the islands.

The initiative, which was announced by the islands’ Tourism Councillor Yaiza Castilla,  is an attempt to lure tourists back to the islands following the impact of recently introduced quarantine restrictions.  The UK’s removal of the Canaries from its “safe to travel” list of countries also means that standard travel insurance policies are invalid. The Canarian policy will make up for that in some way, although it cannot cover any costs of nationally- mandated quarantines on return.

The policy, agreed with the French company Axa, is only possible because of the low risk of infection on the islands. The safe status of the Canaries was also recognised yesterday by Switzerland, which excluded the Canaries and Balearics from newly-introduced 10- day quarantine restrictions for arrivals from Spain.

Belgium and Germany have also recognised the low risk of travelling to the Canaries. Both countries have issued specific advice against travel to the worst-affected areas in north-east Spain , while acknowledging that the Canaries and the Balearics are safe for travel.

However, despite vigorous campaigning from the Spanish, Canarian and Lanzarote authorities, there is no indication so far that the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland are ready to relax their quarantine laws which have punished the entirety of Spain and ruined the summer plans of tens of thousands of people.

Hunting season underway

Hikers, ramblers and anyone else who is out and about in rural Lanzarote over the next three months should be aware that the hunting season on Lanzarote starts on 16th August.

Two types of hunting take place on Lanzarote and both are, on paper at least, strictly regulated . Dogs and ferrets may be used to hunt for rabbits from 16th August until 25th October,  and this activity may only take place on Thursdays and Sundays during this period.

The season for shooting barbary partridges and rock doves with rifle and gundog is open from 20th September to the 18h October, and this activity is only permitted on the five Sundays during that period.