Eye on Arrecife

Armando Santana is Arrecife's councillor for Tourism, Commerce and Industry, and is one the most visible members of the capital's ruling group. He spoke to us about how Arrecife has survived the pandemic and ambitious plans for the future of Lanzarote's only city, which is home to almost half of the island's population.

“Lanzarote is a benchmark for safe tourism”

Lanzarote is waiting expectantly for news of the return of tourism, its main economic activity. To get an expert view, we spoke to Ángel Vázquez, the Councillor for Tourist Promotion at Lanzarote's Cabildo and the most important tourist official on the island, about the prospects for the future.

School of Rock

Kirill Sharikov is a bouldering teacher who took the unique opportunity to explore Lanzarote’s landscape after lockdown prevented him from teaching indoor climbing.

Ceramic Star

At the age of 20, Gabriel Ángel has created the most popular TikTok account on Lanzarote. The young ceramicist from Teguise spoke to us recently, and also agreed to appear on our cover.

A helping hand through lockdown

This month’s story comes from Swimlab International, an innovative centre that opened in Puerto del Carmen in 2016, dedicated to specialising in disability development and injury rehabilitation. Paul Webb of Swimlab describes how the pandemic has affected this vital work.

Clean Sweep!

Lanzarote Limpia is an organisation that has been doing wonders raising awareness of Lanzarote's magnificent natural landscapes and how human negligence is damaging them. Last month, they organised a clean-up around the pechiguera lighthouse in Playa Blanca, and we went along to join them.

Emergency Control

Enrique Espinosa has been in charge of Lanzarote's Emergency Services Consortium for ten years. Located in the fire station in Arrecife, the consortium is the nerve centre of all emergency responses on Lanzarote. We spoke to Enrique last month.

Looking after Yaiza

Ángel Domínguez Ojeda is Yaiza's councillor for Tourism and Social Services, as well as Mayor Oscar Noda's first lieutenant. Born in Venezuela, he has spent more than 16 years in politics in the southern municipality.

Protecting Nature

Gloria Moreno meets us in a teleclub in Tiagua, a village that overlooks El Jable, the sandy desert area that is one of the most important wildlife zones on Lanzarote. She's speaking to us today in a personal capacity, outside of her professional role as an officer in the Guardia Civil's wildlife department, Seprona, and she's full of ideas to improve the island she loves.

The bright side of life

Anna-Lis Gasque's elegance and positive attitude are well-known to many on the island, so we were overjoyed when she agreed to pose among the flowers for this month's cover. At 74, she remains as luminously beautiful as ever: “I disappear when I'm next to her” smiles her husband Kenneth.