“We never stopped”

Óscar Noda was a councillor in Yaiza for several years until he stepped up to the Mayor's position in 2018, and was elected to the post in the 2019 elections. This month he'll be standing for re-election as Mayor, as well as a seat in the Cabildo.

Eye on the island

Lanzarote is well-served by the press. There are several digital news sites online, some of which print monthly editions; two Canarian newspapers which also carry coverage of the island and a number of local radio and TV stations too. Journalism and a free press are regarded as essential elements of Spain's democracy.

The Piper Pilot

Stanislav Kaljban is a 47-year old flying instructor from Slovakia whose blog, The Piper Pilot, regularly shows the most spectacular aerial views of the Canary Islands, photographed from the vantage point of a Piper training aircraft.

“When we’re in power, you notice”

Local elections take place throughout Spain on 28th May, and will dictate how Lanzarote is governed for the next four years. Over the next months, we'll be talking to key figures from the three main parties on the island, starting with Jacobo Medina, the PP's candidate for Cabildo President.

Living from the sea

Victoriano Santana Cabrera, known to all the world as Torano, opened the first restaurant in El Golfo 41 years ago. We visited him to hear his story, and the story of his village.

Skater Boy

The surfers at La Santa and Famara aren't the only board riders on Lanzarote. The island also has a long-standing passion for skateboarding, with several skate parks dotted around the island. And one of the brightest hopes for Lanzarote skating is 11-year-old Kayden Hewson Cantoni, from Güime.

Playing with fire

The Missfits are three Lanzarote mums who want to bring the best of cabaret and burlesque to Lanzarote. We met up with them recently on the lovely seafront at Playa Honda.


Vinyl has never really gone away, and Lanzarote still has plenty of people who’d rather spin a disc than stream a file. We spoke to a few of the island's vinyl enthusiasts and asked each of them to choose a favourite record.

House of Stars

La Casa de Las Estrellas lies in the arid, desert region to the north of Costa Teguise, overlooked by Montaña Tinaguache. It's a peaceful place, where hubara bustards’ nest and kestrels hover silently in the wind, and its name comes from the immense canopy of stars that cover the plain at night.

“The terraces are full”

We talked to Tías's Councillor for Commerce, Kalinda Pérez, and her department has helped to guide the town through one of the most challenging periods in its history.