The Healing Farm

LanzÁnimal is a unique place on Lanzarote, a therapeutic farm full of rescued animals in rural Guatiza which operates as a centre for animal therapy and educational visits. We spent a fantastic afternoon there last month, and would like to introduce you to some of the characters we got to know there.

“What we need is activity”

As the pandemic eases and Lanzarote opens up, we caught up with José Juan Cruz, Mayor of the most important tourist municipality on Lanzarote.

Cancer Campaigner

The new radiotherapy unit at Lanzarote's general hospital is likely to be open this month, and is a huge triumph for AFOL, Lanzarote's Association for Families Affected by Cancer. We spoke to AFOL's President, Carmen Arrocha, recently.

Keeping up appearances

Wendy Elbers has run a hairdressers in Costa Teguise for 8 months, and among her services is providing wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy or other treatments. It's a hugely valuable job, providing self-esteem to people at their most vulnerable.

Making a difference

Aduén Morales García is a powerhouse. The young man from Argana Alta in Arrecife is one of the directors of the litter-collecting charity Lanzarote Limpia, a director of the Argana Alta Residents' Movement, Vice President of the Unión Norte Canarian wrestling club in Haría and a volunteer for Cáritas and a prisoners' reinsertion charity. We were lucky enough to grab him just before an important meeting at the Cabildo.

Flashback to 2020 – Lockdown Memories

In our January issue we usually focus on the events of the past year. But last year offered one event that was so unexpected, so shocking and so unforgetable that everything else pales in comparison: Lockdown.

A helping hand

The Fundación Canaria Flora Acoge, located in the heart of Valterra in Arrecife, is one of the island's most important charities for the homeless and needy. we spoke to Montserrat González, director of the foundation.

A calm head in a crisis

Fleur Willson, the recently-appointed Consular Regional Director for Europe South made her first visit to the Canaries last month. We took afternoon tea with Fleur and the consular team last month.

Yaiza Plans

Yaiza Mayor Óscar Noda updates us on developments in the south of the island.

Your Views, Please

The recent opening of the beautifully-adapted Mirador de Haría has been one of the highlights of 2021. If you’ve already visited it, you’re sure to have been impressed by the large picture windows and the glass platforms that jut out into the valley.