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Poetry Corner

John Leppard tells us “When I was much younger I used to smile at my parents’ daily “pill-popping’ ritual. Now I am old, I realise that it was no joke.” As usual, John has expressed his views on the subject in verse.

Leading the pack out of lockdown

During lockdown, Audrey Leclert was classed as an “essential worker”, which allowed her to keep busy with her pet food deliveries and dog training throughout lockdown. Shay Rourke discovers how she kept on top of things with help from her daughter and her rescue dogs.

Spain hinders Canarian testing plans

The Spanish government’s refusal to allow airport facilities to be used for testing, or to test visitors from high-risk areas of mainland Spain, is causing increasing anger on Canary Islands, where authorities are desperate to salvage the winter season.

No solutions for patera problem

The arrival of five pateras (boats carrying migrants) on the shores of Lanzarote over the weekend have highlighted the urgent issue of migration, just as the Spanish minister in charge, José Luis Escrívá, completed a bad-tempered and fruitless visit to the Canaries to assess the issue.

The Madrid problem

The volatile political situation in Madrid took another turn late on Friday when the Spanish government imposed a state of alarm on eight large city municipalities in the region. Residents of these areas will be forbidden from leaving them for anything other than essential journeys.

No smoking in the street

The Canarian Government has banned smoking in the street from Friday 9th October, as distancing cannot be guaranteed.

Travel corridors get closer

Spain’s central government yesterday agreed a protocol that will permit the opening of travel corridors to the Canaries and Balearics.

4.5 Million Fines

The Traffic Department issued 4.5 million denuncias on Spanish roads last year, 10% more than in 2018. Two in three were for speeding, while half a million were for expired ITV stickers. Lack of insurance, drunk driving and refusal to wear a seatbelt each saw over 100,000 police reports.

Flushing out the coronavirus

Lanzarote’s Cabildo yesterday announced an “early warning” detection system for coronavirus that will works by analysing sewage samples.

SARA Dog of the Month: George

Gorgeous George, a magnificent Podenco/Labrador mix, was born in December 2012 and arrived at Sara in August with the two dogs he’s grown up with: Balou and Coco.