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Second wave grips Europe

As the Canaries slowly manages to conquer the second wave of coronavirus, bringing the prospect of the return of tourism, concern is shifting to the situation in countries that are the source of the islands’ tourism.

With a little help from our friends!

Tucked away just off the “Strip” in Puerto del Carmen, Áine and Nathan have quickly made The Bucket List one of the most welcoming little bars on the island. As the bar approaches its second anniversary, we took a trip to No 5 Calle Anzuelo to discover its charm.

Jet2 postpone return again

Jet2, the principal airline connecting the Canaries with the UK , has extended its cancellation of flights and holidays for another two weeks, until 31st October.

Getting Back On Our Feet

All around the world, economies have been hit hard by the Covid pandemic. Lanzarote’s is no exception, so a visit to the Chamber of Commerce in Arrecife offers a welcome glimpse of a building full of people working hard and productively to try and steer businesses through these tough times.

Managerial Skills

Jenny of Jam Villa Management answers questions about how the pandemic has affected the property management business.

Cod in Salsa Vizcaína

This is one of those dishes that is somehow hearty, yet light and healthy at the same time. A classic from the Basque region, the mouth-watering brick-red sauce can be used to accompany fish and meat and is also perfect for vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Working on the web

When the lockdown put an end to Janet Harper’s Spanish language classes in March, she decided to get online and hasn’t looked back since. We chatted to her.

Poetry Corner

Local poet John Leppard started thinking about time during the lockdown. Here’s the result: Time Time can be a lifespan, or a number on a clock,It can also be a sentence for a prisoner in the dock.Time passes by so swiftly, when having fun with friends,But with boredom every minute never ends. Time cannot come […]

Trekking up to the dam

Tour guide David Penney leeds the way up to the largest engineering project on Lanzarote – the ill-fated dam at Mala.

Let it rain!

Lanzarote farmers will be praying that forecasts of rain later today, which have caused the Canarian Government to issue a general warning, will materialise after a second consecutive year of drought conditions on the island.