27th Apr 2020 @ 9:30 am

How do I catch coronavirus?

Coronavirus is transmitted by saliva or mucus from an infected person. It can be picked up in the air, on hands or skin, or on surfaces that have been exposed to droplets of infected material. To stop transmission, people are advised to wash hands regularly, cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing, wear gloves or masks and maintain a distance of at least two metres from other people.

How do I know if I’ve caught coronavirus?

Usually, because of a positive diagnosis following appearance of symptoms. However, if you’ve been in contact with a victim, you may be tested without showing symptoms. The incubation period for the COVID-19 virus is estimated by the WHO as anything between 2-10 days. This means that it usually takes around five or six days from contact with an infected person until the symptoms develop, However, longer periods of up to three weeks have been reported.

What are the symptoms?

The most frequently reported symptoms are a fever, a persistent dry cough and tiredness. Other patients have reported runny noses, sore throats and diarrhea, but health professionals are focusing on fever and coughing as the main indicators.

What if I display symptoms?

If you find yourself suffering from a high temperature or a persistent cough, you are advised to contact your local health centre. DO NOT go there in person, as you could be putting others at risk.

Will I recover?

80% of victims will suffer only mild symptoms, similar to a normal cold, and will recover without requiring any special treatment. One in six patients is likely to become seriously ill. These are statistically likely to be the elderly, and those with underlying health problems such as high blood pressure, respiratory problems etc. Nevertheless, the majority of older people will only experience mild or moderate symptoms.

What should I do on Lanzarote if I think I’ve contracted coronavirus?

Call the emergency number 112, which offers English language assistance, or contact your local health centre by telephone. They will tell you what to do.

Health Centre Telephone Numbers:

  • Tías – 928 524240
  • Costa Teguise – 928 117840
  • Playa Blanca – 928 117002
  • Playa Honda – 928 211370
  • Villa de Teguise – 928 118693
  • Arrecife Valterra – 928 597110
  • Arrecife Titerroy – 928 118638
  • San Bartolomé – 928 118623
  • Tinajo – 928 455025
  • Mala – 928 306560
  • Yaiza – 928 830190

The Health Centres at Puerto del Carmen, Haría and Tahiche have been closed as they are too small to comply with quarantine requirements. Patients should instead contact Tías, Mala or Villa de Teguise.