10th May 2022 @ 8:58 am

Opposition councillors in Tías have condemned the state of signage in Puerto del Carmen, as the council continues to carry out resurfacing and renovation in the resort.

Amado Vizcaino of the CC said “On the one hand, we’re glad that they have finally opened their eyes, but on the other hand, we consider it shameful that they have waited until one of the signs fell and injured a passer-by to do anything about it ”

Vizcaíno pointed out that last April his party had recommended the review and improvement of signs in Puerto del Carmen to ensure that they did not occupy roads or pose a risk to tourists, , but the motion was voted down by the ruling group.

“A three-meter-high sign falling and hitting a passer-by is not a coincidence, nor is the wind blowing signs down …signs placed at such a low height that they pose a real danger for pedestrians, others improperly fixed to the asphalt and others that cause confusion or simply don’t fulfil their purpose – this is the sort of nonsense we’re condemning,” he added.

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