17th Sep 2023 @ 12:02 pm

AEMET forecast week of warm temperatures with cloudy intervals and chances of rain as we head towards weekend.

This week, AEMET (Spain’s Meteorological Agency) forecast a week of warm temperatures, with cloudy intervals and chances of rain from Thursday. You can expect highs of 29 and lows of 20 degrees celsius.

AEMET forecast a 25% chance of rain on Thursday, a 45% chance on Friday and a 20% chance on Saturday. However, keep in mind that rain on Lanzarote is often fleeting and rarely a downpour.

As for wind you can expect speeds between 20-35 km/h

The UV is as high as always, make sure to wear a high factor sun cream and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Please remember that AEMET’s forecasts are mostly spot on, however, as with every weather forecast there can be variations.

Here’s your weekly forecast, displaying today’s average temperature (along with the highs and lows) and the rest of the week’s predicted weather.

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