14th Sep 2022 @ 11:55 am

The Mayor of Teguise has announced that the Ayuntamiento have received no word about the Saborea Lanzarote food festival since May this year.

Photo: Cabildo de Lanzarote.

For years the Saborea Lanzarote food festival has been held in the beautiful village of Teguise. However, the Ayuntamiento have announced that they have received no word on the fair since May this year.

Mayor of Teguise, Oswaldo Betancort, stated that “we don’t know anything. A few months ago, we received word from the Cabildo president that they are working on the organisation of this year’s festival but that was in May. To date, the Ayuntamiento nor its participating businesses have been told about what the future of Saborea Lanzarote will be, which leads us to believe that it has been cancelled.”.

“The festival is considered the largest gastronomic event in the Canary Islands, which brought together thousands of people. So, we show our deepest regrets because they [the Cabildo] have put an end to many years of work, and the firm and determined commitment that placed Saborea among the best events in the sector.”.

In the previous edition, the Saborea festival brought more than 25,000 visitors to Teguise, as well as some of the best chefs in the country.

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