8th Aug 2023 @ 9:15 am

ACEA (Association of Commerce and Entrepreneurs) was set up to help promote local business and spread the word of the many wonderful shops in San Bartolomé and Playa Honda.

The ACEA website features a list of participating businesses that cover a wide range of services (travel agencies, cafes, restaurants, barbershops, sports shops, pharmacies, hardware shops, bookshops, furniture departments, textiles, shoemakers, opticians and more.)

You can visit their website (linked below) to find a list of the wonderful shops to be found in the town.

If you’re a business owner in San Bartolomé or Playa Honda (or know of someone that is) be sure to check out the ACEA website: https://www.acealanzarote.com/ or get in touch via email hello@acealanzarote.com to find out more about the business group.

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