18th Oct 2023 @ 8:17 am

A stretch of road on Arrecife’s seafront has been closed and three one-way streets in Arrecife have been re-opened with their flow of traffic reversed as part of the works around Playa Reducto.

The Avenida Fred Olsen is now closed between Calles Guenia and Valls de la Torres – the stretch in front of Playa Reducto – with all traffic now redirected towards Calle Manolo Millares, the main road leading in and out of west Arrecife.

C/Almirante Boada de Enseiza will now lead into town from the roundabout in front of the Gran Hotel, connecting the seafront with C/ Manolo Millares. Meanwhile, C/Valls de la Torre will channel traffic to the Lancelot Hotel on the seafront from C/ Manolo Millares, and the diagonal C/ El Greco will change to a west-to-east direction.

In the coming weeks, an area of the seafront will be pedestrianised and planted with trees, in order that Arrecife complies with rules governing low emissions zones.

Motorists are advised to drive cautiously and pay attention to road signs.

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