27th Feb 2020 @ 1:42 pm

A child had been quarantined yesterday, whilst medical staff conducted tests to verify whether he had contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The child, who had recently returned from a trip to Italy, had been placed under isolation at home whilst the Dr Molina Orosa hospital performed tests to ascertain whether it was Lanzarote’s first confirmed case of COVID-19. 

However, as of yesterday evening the child was confirmed to not have the COVID-19 virus and was later dismissed.

News about the virus is hard to escape. With rumours and misinformation rife on social media, it’s hard to separate the lines between the facts from fiction.

To combat this, the Canarian government have provided sanitary guidelines to put minds at rest and advise the public of how to avoid infection. Guidelines include washing hands with soap or hydroalcoholic gels, keeping mouths covered with face masks and discarding used tissues. A support number has also been opened (900 112 061) for any doubts or questions that the public may have.

For the full sanitary guidelines, click here.