21st Feb 2020 @ 1:01 pm

AEMET has issued a host of yellow warnings over the weekend for the Canaries.

Over the weekend, there will be a whole host of yellow warnings for wind, dust and coastal.

However, there’s no need to start boarding up your windows and doors just yet; as all the warnings are yellow classification. This means that they should be treated with care and caution but not to start avoiding the areas affected.

On Saturday, between the hours of 09:00am and midnight, there will be yellow wind and dust warnings. Wind could reach a maximum of 70km/h and there’s a large amount of dust too, resulting in a Calima.

On Sunday, between the hours of midnight and 23:00pm, there will be yellow wind, coastal and dust warnings. Wind could reach a maximum of 80km/h and along with the large amounts of dust, resulting in a Calima. There is no information, regarding the height of waves, as of yet for the coastal warning.

However, the temperatures predicted don’t seem to reflect a Calima. You can expect temperature highs of 25 – 26 degrees celsius across both days.