20th Jun 2021 @ 9:16 am

Playa Blanca has unveiled a new stretch of road that is aimed at taking pressure off the town centre. The 720-metyre stretch of road links Avenida de papagayo with the main exit to Femes, and has coast €2.1 million.

Yaiza Mayor Oscar Noda presented the launch of the road Friday, and said “This new road relieves traffic from the centre of town and offers a comfortable walking area for pedestrians and cyclists, favouring in particular the residents of Las Coloradas, Castillo del Águila, the old partial plan of Playa Blanca, San Marcial del Rubicón and also the apartment complexes located in this area of ​​Playa Blanca. This means the work also has an environmental effect since shortening distances will result in fewer vehicle emissions “. 

Yaiza’s Public Works Councillor, Jonatan Lemes said that ” as well as the road, the project also includes two roundabouts to make traffic more fluid; a cycle lane; parking areas, pedestrian crossings and pavements, all with lighting, drainage and the appropriate fittings”.

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