1st Jul 2020 @ 12:51 pm

Yaiza Ayuntamiento has presented plans to build “natural pools” at El Golfo. The two pools will be located on the rocky beach in front of the village of El Golfo and will consist of a deeper, 2-metre pool for adults and sports swimmers, and a shallower, 1-metre pool, for children and learners.

The pools will be filled with sea water at high tide, like similar ones that can be found at Punta Mujeres, Charco del Palo and Los Cocoteros.

The pools are one of two projects planned for El Golfo, which will also see it’s main street resurfaced and renovated to provide pavements for pedestrians. Yaiza Mayor Óscar Noda said “The pools will increase the leisure options in El Golfo while respecting the environment and the surroundings.”

Yaiza’s Podemos party, however, disagreed strongly with the final claim. Their councillor, Ramiro Muñoz, described the pool project as an “environmental aberration”.