19th Feb 2021 @ 9:51 am

Canarian president Angel Victor Torres has admitted that he sees it “difficult” for Lanzarote to leave Level 4 restrictions this weekend. Julio Pérez, the Canarian Government’s spokesmen, also announced that “we cannot see any changes that will permit a change of level on Lanzarote.”

The final assessment by the Canarian Government will be made on Sunday instead of the usual Thursday, following the ten days of special measures to prevent carnival parties. This will give the island a little more time to reduce its figures, but currently three of the indicators required to keep the island in Level 4 remain unacceptably high.

The 14-day infection rate is 324, when it should be under 250 for level 4 status. The 14-day rate for over-65-year-olds is 220, when it should be under 150, and the occupancy of the intensive care unit is 39.5%, when Level 3 would require less than 25%. You can see our table for how the levels are decided here.

If just one of these figures falls into the lower high risk category, Lanzarote will go to Level 3, but that does not look possible by Sunday.

Nevertheless, all the indicators are improving, and if Lanzarote does not reach Level 3 on Monday, it will have another chance to do so when the next assessment takes place next Thursday.

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